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Teej Festival- Ideas for Home Decor

2 years ago

Celebrating festivals with family, friends, and loved ones makes the get-together more joyous. But sometimes inviting all the friends and family members to celebrate the festival may imbalance your budget. If you want to enjoy the festival more ravishing on a low budget then you can celebrate the festival at home.

With the onset of monsoon season, the festival season begins. Hariyali Teej- a monsoon festival for women is the leading festival that will come in the upcoming days. This year in 2020 Hariyali Teej is on July 23.

But now the question arises on how to celebrate the Teej festival at home? But before that, you should know why the Teej festival is celebrated? 

Teej festival signifies the courage of Goddess Parwati, who took 108 re-births until Lord Shiva gave in to her dedication and tied the marital knot with her. That is the reason why Goddess Parwati is also known as Teej Mata

On the occasion of Teej, married and unmarried women come together to fast and pray all night. They dressed up in green dresses, wear green bangles, apply Heena to their palms, listen to Teej Katha, and sing  Teej festival songs while swinging the Jhulla. This year due to coronavirus pandemic, people will celebrate the Teej festival at home, and to make the festival more exciting, new ideas for home decor are given here.

Ideas for home decor on the occasion of Teej festival 

 Bangles Decoration – Teej festival is an occasion of shringar (makeup) for married women. Bangles are included in shringar of women and commonly found in every Indian house. You can hang the bangles that are old and not in use with the help of ribbons from top to bottom to give an opulent look to your roof and save your savings too. 

Ideas for Home Decor on Teej
Ideas for Home Decor

Kite Decoration – In the month of monsoon, Kites are the most general thing we can see in the sky. For home decor, you can use Kites, or you can make Kite from colored chart papers and then hang them in the way you want.  It gives an elegant look to your house and makes your occasion exciting. You can also have the competition of Kite flying to add more spice to the festival.   

Ideas for Home Decor on Teej

Jhula Decoration – Teej is a festival when women swing the Jhulla. While celebrating Teej at home, you can place the Jhulla in your lobby or garden area and decorate it with natural flowers to give a classic look to your home. It looks attractive and bewitching.

Ideas for Home Decor on Teej

Dupatta Decoration – Dupatta is a common thing found in every house that can be used to decorate the house on Teej. Yes, you can decorate your home with colorful dupattas that look elegant and captivating on the walls of your house.

Ideas for Home Decor on Teej

Colorful Umbrella Decoration – In the monsoon season, umbrellas are used when it rains but do you know it can be used to decorate the house. With the help of colorful umbrellas, you can decor your roof. You can use umbrellas from both sides. It fills colors to your house and makes your occasion bright. 

Ideas for Home Decor on Teej

Flower Decoration – Flower decoration is the most common decoration used in every festival, but still it looks fresh as the flowers are. You can make flower rangoli at the welcome door, or you can decorate your whole house with different flowers. 

Ideas for Home Decor on Teej

Peacock Decoration – Monsoon, rain, and peacock, what else a human can think on a festival like Teej.  With the help of a thermacol sheet, you can make Peacocks and decorate them with small mirrors, or you can bring artificial Peacock to adorn your home more appealing. 

Ideas for Home Decor on Teej

With the help of these simple and easy home decor ideas, you can decorate your home and save your money on the occasion of Teej.  With these ideas, you can make the Teej festival memorable for all your relatives, friends, and loved ones.  

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