seminar on how search engine works

Seminar on how search engine works conducted at HiDM by Sachin Malik

2 years ago

In the Digital Marketing Seminar fest 2022, HiDM conducted the first seminar on How a search engine works on March 11, 2022.

The seminar on How search engine works were hosted by HiDM’s student Sachin Malik under the guidance of his mentor Er. Manmohan Singla (Director- HiDM). The presenter highlighted the points, what is a search engine, types of a search engine, what drives a search engine, what is a crawler, and many more. The topic that was described in detail was Google Algorithms. The different Google Algorithms like penguin, panda, pigeon, possum, Rankbrain, Google core updates with their functionality and how they help in Google ranking was discussed. In the end, the host answered the questions asked by the audience.

Seminar on How search engine works held at HiDM
Seminar on How search engine works held at HiDM

HiDM’s Digital Marketing seminar fest 2022 is an activity that comes under SAP (Student Activities and Programs). Every year, HiDM hosts a seminar fest or webinar fest as per the situation to provide professional experience and exposure to budding digital marketing professionals. The students who are learning advanced digital marketing courses at HiDM have to present seminars on digital marketing topics. Er. Manmohan Singla, the Director, mentor, and Digital Marketing Trainer at HiDM is training young minds about digital marketing and its modules.

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