seminar fest 2021

2 weeks Digital Marketing Seminar Fest 2021 launched by Er. Manmohan Singla- Director HiDM

2 years ago

Nov. 2 | Hisar | Digital Marketing is a field that needs no introduction nowadays. Every business from a small scale owner to an industrialist, everyone is using digital platforms to promote their business. The demand for Digital Marketers is increasing day by day and there is an institute in Hisar which is preparing Digital Marketing professionals in the city.

To give new exposure to young minds and Digital marketing professionals, HiDM – Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing Director Er. Manmohan Singla launched the Seminar Fest 2021 in which 7 digital marketers who are taking their digital Marketing course journey from HiDM – A premium institute for digital marketing in Haryana will host the seminars on different topics of digital marketing.

seminar fest 2021
Digital Marketing Seminar fest 2021

Agenda behind Seminar Fest 2021

Nowadays we can see digital Marketing trend is increasing and with everything getting online, so it become necessary to conduct educational events online to boost the morale and confidence of students. So we decided to conduct Seminar fest 2021 where young digital marketing professionals will give seminars on different topics to brush up their professional skills along with educational skills, said Er. Manmohan Singla, Director, HiDM.

 In the Seminar fest 2021, students also get to learn how to launch a seminar, How to conduct a seminar and how to promote a seminar (event). Using their social media handles, each host will launch and promote the seminar.

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