Discover your potential and win the race- Motivational Seminar at RDM Saraswati School Uklana

4 years ago

“You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love”
In a motivational seminar conducted under SCOPE-2019 regulated by Ours Academy in RDM Saraswati school, Uklana, Er. Manmohan singla (Youth Entrepreneurship Expert ) said that it is pre requisite for a child to know his strength and weakness before entering into any competition and race. In today’s competitive era, everyone is running but only few are aware about the answers of questions like why and where they are running. That’s why they are unable to cope with the ever changing environment as they don’t have strategies that lead them winner in the race.

During seminar, he motivated students that they should know in which stream they have interest and can show their potential. After self analysis, it is easier to get there where we want ourselves. Er. Manmohan Singla has motivated number of students under SCOPE-2019 through his personal experiences and guided them towards their bright future.

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