Ramnivas Rara is the strongest candidate from Hisar: Bajrang Das Garg

2 years ago

Hisar October 05: Today, Congress candidate from Hisar Assembly Ramnivas Rara took a meeting of workers at the Rara Farm House for the upcoming assembly elections. In the meeting chaired by Bajrang Das, important duties were imposed on workers related to election. On this occasion, Bajrang Das Garg said that Ramnivas Rara is the strongest candidate from Hisar and he will definitely win with the hard work and blessings of the people. On this occasion, Savitri Jindal’s P.A. Lalit Sharma was also present.

Addressing the workers, Ramnivas Rara said that his greatest strength is the blessings and support of the workers and the people of Hisar. He called upon all activists to fully gear up for election preparations. Rara said that he is getting immense love and blessings from the people of Hisar as there is a lot of anger towards the current MLA and people are protesting everywhere. If he had done something for Hisar, he would not have had to face opposition from the people in this way. This proves that in his five-year tenure, he has left the city unnoticeable. That’s the reason people are againat him they are aware now who can develop the city further.

Rara said that the Congress is in a strong position in Hisar and it is necessary to change the MLA here to change the city scenario. Therefore, in these elections, the public will take a decision after deep thinking. Hundreds of workers were present on this occasion.

Seema Jain

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