HIDM Director Er. Manmohan Singla launched D-MAP (digital awareness program)

3 years ago

To aid the growth of Digital India project, Er. Manmohan Singla has taken a small initiative in the form of an awareness program called D-MAP, the Digital Marketing Awareness Program. While launching the logo of D-MAP, he said “Digital Marketing awareness plan will start in October and under it will conduct the seminars in schools, colleges, and educational institutes which will help in learning a new skill to the children. Digital marketing is a new form of marketing which is less prevails in a city like Hisar. The young generation is the future fuel of our nation and they must be aware of digital methods of marketing irrespective of the stream they have entered. Digital marketing always is an added advantage in pre-existing skills.

D-MAP Logo

Er. Manmohan Singla has conducted many seminars in educational institutes and motivated thousands of students. He started his own institute Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing (HIDM) a year before where he gives training of digital marketing to students. Er. Manmohan Singla is a renowned name in the field of digital marketing as he has an experience of more than 6 years.

Er. Manmohan Singla told “D-MAP will have its first seminar in October and it’s our aim to cover each and every school, college and Institute of the city”. 

Seema Jain

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