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Rakhi: How to make rakhi for your brother at home

2 years ago

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival that is celebrated on the full moon day of Shraavana in the fifth month of the Hindu calendar. This year, it is being celebrated on 3rd August. Rakhi is a festival that honors the unbreakable bond between brothers and sisters. In this, a sister ties a thread called Rakhi around the wrist of her brother as a “Raksha sutra” which symbolizes their close relationship and keeps reminding the brother of his duty of protecting his sister.

In past times, Rakhi was not celebrated with such pomp and show as now. That time sisters used to tie a simple thread called Moli around her brothers’ wrist. But as modernization has occurred, the trend has changed. Now a variety of designer rakhis are available in the market. You can find silver rakhi, Kundan rakhi, mirror rakhi, and whatnot.

But, have you ever thought of making a rakhi for your brother at home? Your hand made rakhi would be a remarkable gift for your brother and will eventually show your love for him. It would have an emotional feeling and a personal touch with it. But now the question arises, how to make a rakhi?

Making a rakhi at home is very easy. Here some ideas and step by step instructions are given to make handmade rakhi. So try these ideas and make distinctive and beautiful rakhis for your brother. 

12 Ideas to make handmade rakhi for your brother

Photo Rakhi – Photo rakhi is the most trending concept of this year. For making this, you need a picture of your brother, get it printed. Then, cut the picture in the desired shape and paste it on the foam, or flat wooden piece as per your choice. At last, paste it on the ribbon, and your unique rakhi for your brother is ready. 

DIY rakhi Ideas

Wool Rakhi – Wool rakhi is a recycled rakhi making idea for which you require waste wool threads, beads or buttons, and scissors. You can choose different colors of wool to make wool rakhi.

DIY Rakhi ideas

To make, first, take wool of any colour and wrap it around your two fingers for twenty times and then tie the knot in the centre. After that, cut the edges of the wool to form pom-pom and repeat the process with another colour of wool. Then, tie both the woollen pom-pom on another piece of woollen thread with the help of a bead, and your wool rakhi is ready.

Button Rakhi – For button rakhi, you need only buttons and thread. To make this homemade rakhi, cut the two average size of silk thread. Then, knit button into the thread in a crisscrossed pattern. At last, knot the ends, and your button rakhi is ready. In this, you can use beads at the place of button to make beads rakhi. 

Handmade rakhi ideas

Gota Rakhi – Gota Rakhi is a very different rakhi for which you need gota bundle, and thread. To make this, first, make the gota flower for the base of the rakhi.

Handmade rakhi ideas

For Gota flower, tie a knot in the center of gotta thread, then put one side of gotta on another until the thread is over. Then pull the one corner, and the gotta flower is ready. At last, paste gotta flower on the gotta piece, and your homemade rakhi is ready. 

Foam Rakhi – Foam Rakhi is a rakhi that you can make from two different colored foam, cartoon sticker or animal sticker, thread, scissors, and glue.

DIY rakhi Ideas

First, cut both foams in desired shapes. Then, paste them together on top of each other. Now paste any cartoon sticker or animal sticker of your choice like a lion, bear, monkey, Chota bheem, Doraemon, etc. on top of the rakhi. At last, paste the ribbon on the bottom of the rakhi with the help of glue, and your foam rakhi is ready. 

Jute Rakhi – For jute rakhi, you need different sizes of jute flowers, crystal decorated material, and ribbon. To make this, first, paste small jute flower on the bigger ones, and then paste the crystal decorated material in the center of the flower. At last, paste it on the ribbon, and your homemade rakhi is ready. 


Zari Rakhi – ZariRakhi is the Rakhi that looks elegant and royal. To make this Rakhi you need Zari motifs, bright-colored lace, thread, needle, and scissors. To make ZariRakhi, first take a Zari motif of your brothers’ favorite design like peacock, flowers, etc. Take a lace of matching color with the Zari motifs and sew it on the sides of the motif. You can also paste the lace at the back of the motif and your beautiful Zari Motif Rakhi is ready.

Felt Rakhi – To make Felt Rakhi, you need two colorful felts, designer stickers, golden ribbon, a pair of scissors,  thread, and needle. To start with cut both the felt in different diameters and place the smaller ones on the bigger one. Then, sew the satin ribbon with the help of thread and needle. Now stick the designer sticker on top of the felts and your rakhi is ready. 

Handmade rakhis

Paper Rakhi – For paper rakhi, you need only different colors of chart papers, scissors, thread, and glue. First, make the flowers with the help of chart papers. After that, paste the paper flower on the ribbon, and your beautiful rakhi is ready. 

Handmade rakhis

Butterfly or Flower Rakhi – For this, you need foam butterfly and flowers, ribbon, and glue. It is quite simple to make. Just paste foam butterfly in the center of a ribbon, and then paste flowers on both sides of the butterfly wings and your rakhi is ready to fly on brother’s wrist. 

Handmade rakhis

Silk Thread Rakhi – Silk Thread Rakhi is a very simple yet attractive rakhi which is made of cotton twine, silk thread (same colour as cotton twine), designer stone bead, and scissors. First, twist together both the silk and cotton threads around two fingers for about 10-15 times. Then, tie a knot in the centre and cut the edges. After that, spread the threads to make a shape like a flower. Tie a bead with the help of a thread. Now, take cotton of your desired length to make a braid and sew this braid in the centre tightly. Now, your elegant homemade rakhi is ready for your brother. 

DIY rakhi

Bracelet Rakhi – Bracelet Rakhi is especially for girls. You can make it for your sister and sister-in-law. To make this, you need soft jersey knit of 2 inches, beads, sparkles, and glue. To make bracelet rakhi, first cut the jersey knit into 1-inch strings, about three times the length of the wrist, and keep the string a bit longer. Hold both ends of the strings & give it a good pull. The end of the knit will twist. Then, make a slip-knot on one end of the strand. By using your fingers, make a loop of string, and repeat it to make a chain until the length of the string becomes smaller. For frill, glue small beads or put sparkles. Now your bracelet rakhi is ready.

Homemade rakhi

Now get ready to surprise your brother with a handmade rakhi.  All these ideas will surely help you to make a special rakhi for your brother. You can also combine different ideas to make rakhi more creative.

Hopefully, this rakhi will bring more love and happiness in your life and your brothers’ life.  

Happy Raksha Bandhan to you all! 

Sunidhi Garg

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