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2 years ago

When you feel for someone special, it is crucial to let that person know how you feel about them. Having a smile on face because of a person whom you admire is such a beautiful thing in the world.  

You can choose Propose Day to let your feelings flow from your heart and reach to the person who is the reason behind your sweet and lovely smile. Propose Day is the second day of Valentine’s week which is celebrated on 8th February by the couples and singles. 

Singles choose this day to confess their love to their crush and propose them with mesmerizing flowers and attractive gifts. Couples also take their beloved on a romantic date and remember the day and time when their romantic journey started.

 There is no specific pattern or way to propose the person of your dreams. You can try whatever works for them but it should be creative and impressive enough to interest that special someone. 

Bending on your knee and proposing with gorgeous flowers is that the classic way to go ahead together with your proposal

If you are good with words, then a love letter sent along with a romantic gift will also increase your chances of getting yes for an answer, or if you think your crush loves surprises, then you’ll attempt to pop the question at a cinema or in between the football match.

 Whether you choose a grand public proposal or choose an intimate way to suggest your emotions, always be faithful to your feelings.

 Why Do We Celebrate Propose Day?

 When you have fallen for that special person and desire to make them yours forever, you can choose Propose Day to let them know about your emotions and innermost feelings. It is also celebrated by people who are in a relationship to propose their partner for marriage.

 So basically, this day brings people together and tie them in a relationship filled with care affection and love that makes their life worth living and more beautiful.

Happy Propose Day

Shruti Jain

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