Professional Behavior in a Personal Interview

5 years ago

Cracking an Interview successfully is certainly not a simple task in this competitive world. During the entire interview process there are a series of steps involved:

  • Preparing a CV
  • Sharing your CV to the Right People
  • Gentle Follow-up
  • Phone Interviews
  • Follow-up
  • Personal One-On-One Interviews
  • Thank You communication
  • Follow-up
  • Etc.

Each and every step in the process in very important and you always need to give your best in every step. Also, during Personal or One-On-One Interviews your professional behavior (etiquette) is extremely critical which leaves a strong positive impression in the minds of the interviewer. Personal behavior (professional etiquette) consists of

  • Perfect Dressing Sense
  • Smiling Face
  • Neatly Groomed
  • Wishing all people very politely and being gentle
  • Confident, Calm & Composed Attitude
  • Speaking Slowly, Clearly and Articulating your ideas well
  • Making sure your Phones are on Silent or Switch-off Mode
  • Etc.

Following are some of the critical interview manners that need to be followed before, during and after interview to help you in performing better.

  • Punctuality: Reaching to an interview site few minutes early than the given time is very helpful as it will give you an extra advantage by making you get adjusted to the interview environment. Relax, get your breadth, have some water, fresh-up if needed, sit calm and organize all your ideas/thoughts, Review your Resume all over again, Review of notes on company etc.
  • Body Language: The non-verbal communication through body language is an integral part of an interview. The hand, body gestures and face expressions should show that you are interested, confident, honest and very enthusiastic of the job. It shouldn’t feel like that you are submissive, shy, introvert or defensive in nature. Greet the interviewer and all with abroad smile & a firm handshake.
  • Dress Sense: An interviewee must know the corporate/business attire before going to an interview. As well-dressed person will get an extra edge over the untidy person. This is not only for the interview panel also for you as a good neat business attire help you with a feel good factor & enhance your confidence levels. Wear pleasant colours with fits well with you & your personality. Avoid heavy jewellery and shining clothes.
  • Home on Company Background: It will be very embarrassing and foolish on your part of you are not aware of the company history, background, leadership team, culture etc. Form an opinion about it so that you have a talking point which will be really appreciated. Also, if you can appreciate something about the company based on some factor that will have a very good positive impact.
  • Closing an Interview: As starting an interview is important as closing it also. Close the interview with a firm smile that shows you are interested in job and would like to work for it. That leaves a good impression on them. Always thank them for their time at the end and followed by a Thank You e-mail after an interview. Be sure to ask some questions related to your position, company long term goal, benefits, or next steps in the interview process etc. It will send a positive impression on the interviewer.

Thus, by following these simple and basic manners during an interview, one can Excel and leave an everlasting impression on the interview team which can certainly help you to succeed in the process.

Seema Jain

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