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 PINKY BEAUTY PARLOUR FIRST LOOK OUT: An entertaining tale based on the obsession for fairer skin tone, Set to hit the theaters on 14 April, 2023

1 year ago

The first look of movie Pinky Beauty Parlour is out. Actor, Akshay Singh is the writer and director of the movie. This movie is his Directorial debut. On 14 April, 2023, the film will hit the theatres all over India.

Actor Akshay Singh has shared the first look on his Instagram account, writing “A movie which is a good mix of drama and satirical comedy and has also been selected and screened in more than 30 International Film Festivals across the globe..
It’s an entertaining tale of obsession for fairer skin…”

 Before the release date of the film, it has been well recognized in more than 30 international film festivals like MAMI International film festival, International Film Festival (IFFI GOA), Melbourne Film Festival, HAWAAI Nonolulu Film Festival, Canada Ottawa Film Festival, Seattle Film Festival, Westpac Film Festival in Sydney, SAARC Film Festival Colombo, Moscow Film Festival and many more.

This movie is a great mixture of drama and a satirical comedy. Pinky Beauty Parlour is the entertaining story based on the human mind set regarding the obsession for fairer skin tone, set in a colourful world of beauty parlour in the lanes of Varanasi.

The Star cast of the film is- Akshay Singh, Sulagna Panigarhi, Khushboo Gupta, Vishwanath Chatterjee, Jogi Malang, Abhay Joshi. The producer of the film is Akshay Singh and Bahnishika Das under their banner Akshikha Entertainment. Cinematographer of the film is Gagandeep Singh. Sandeep Singh Bajeli is Editor of the film. Music composers are the duo Arvind/Lyton, and   chintu sarthak kalla.

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