Oral-B launches its new AI-powered toothbrush

4 years ago

Oral-B launched its new and highly anticipated toothbrush “The Genius X”. Genius X is an AI(Artificial Intelligence) powered toothbrush which will help in better brushing and maintain better dental health.

Oral-B says the toothbrush uses sensors to know when you’re applying too much pressure or not brushing long enough in a certain spot, and then sends data from the sensors to the app. The app takes this sensor data and uses the “Genius X AI algorithm” to tell you where you need to brush better and give you a rating on how well you brushed.

To make this toothbrush possible Oral-B company has created an algorithm of more than 2.000 brushing sessions to understand deep brushing behaviours from around the world.

The Genius X toothbrush deep and clean the mouth with the help of the three-movement combination of the brush head to effectively remove plaque: oscillate, rotate and pulsate.

The price of the toothbrush is roughly $220 (which is nearly Rs.15,000). The Genius X is a bit costly toothbrush.

Deepak Kumar

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