Netflix India prices drop

Netflix India Drops Subscription prices; new plan starts from Rs149 per month

1 year ago

Netflix India has announced a drop in subscription prices in India. Customers will be going to save up to 18 to 60 % on the subscription to Netflix.

According to the new announcement, the previous plan of Rs 199 drop to Rs 149, the ‘Basic’ plan of Netflix India of Rs 499 dropped to Rs 199 in India.  So according to new subscription plans, users are going to save 60.2%.

The second ‘Standard’ plan of Rs 649 get reduced to Rs 499 and the ‘premium’ plan of Rs 799 per month drops to Rs 649. Majorly these four Netflix India plans drop to one below them.

Netflix India shared the information on Twitter with the caption- *high-pitched squealing* Our #HappyNewPrices are here! Sparkles

Watch Netflix on any device at ₹199 and on your mobile at just ₹149. Head on over to for more details and start adding away to your watchlist.

Only the subscription rates have changed, the features will remain the same. The mobile plan provides a standard resolution of 480p on the tablet and phone, ‘Basic’ plan allows users to watch on any device that gives 480p resolution. With the ‘standard’ plan, subscribers will get a high resolution (HD) 1080p, and the ‘premium’ plan provides 4K resolution and high-visual range (HDR) video.

About Netflix

Netflix is an American production company and subscription streaming service. It is launched on 29th August 1997; it offers a television series and a library of films. As per Wikipedia, Netflix has over 214 million subscribers worldwide, in estimation more than 6 million paid subscribers in India currently.

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