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National Press Day: Media gives voice to voiceless

3 years ago

To mark the presence of responsible and independent media, every year on 16th November, National Press day is celebrated. In a country like India, where democracy has three pillars, Press is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy.

The National press day is initiated by the press council of India as the Press Council of India was established on November 16, 1966. The Press Council of India (PCI), a statutory body responsible for governing the conduct of the print media and ensuring that the freedom of speech is maintained.

On the occasion of National Press day November 16, the Prime Minister of India and other government officials congratulate all media persons on their professional holiday, commending their role in maintaining a healthy democracy.

 Press is the cornerstone of a vibrant democracy. They are fully committed to helping those people who are not able to speak up and give voice to their thoughts.

Seema Jain

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