NASA will launch the Dragonfly mission to Titan in search for life.

3 years ago

NASA has announced that their next mission is for the Saturn’s largest moon Titan. NASA will launch its dragonfly mission in 2026 which arrive on Titan. Titan is always being an interesting place for NASA since they had discovered it.

Why Titan is so important for NASA?

Well according to NASA that Titan is the only moon in our solar system which has clouds and a dense, planet like atmosphere. NASA has discovered that the Titan is one of the most earth-like worlds they have till date. Since then Titan catch the eyes of NASA. Many scientists think that Titan can be our new home rather than Mars.

According to NASA, The rotorcraft will fly to the dozens of places on Titan and search for life clues. This can even provide us clues that how life started on Earth. Unlike Earth, Titan has thick atmosphere of clouds and rain on Titan is of methane. It has a nitrogen – based atmosphere which is like Earth. It also has mixture of complex organics, energy and water which is also similar to those that found on Earth.

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