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Map of Tripura : Image via Internet

The State of Tripura located in the North-Eastern part of the country, India has a lot to offer to its tourists and visitors. This small state has few major cities to explore for the best possible experience with your family or friends. The State of Tripura welcomes you to enjoy the mystic beauty of this land anytime throughout the year. The people are really friendly and warm and interactive enough to help or assist you if you have any questions rising up while traveling inside this State of Tripura.

Here we have listed down four major cities of the State of Tripura.

They are as follows :

  1. Agartala
  2.  Dharamnagar
  3.  Ambassa
  4.  Udaipur

Let’s move forward and find out the major cities in detail in the State of Tripura :


major cities of the State of Tripura
Agartala : Image via Internet

Agartala is famous for its nature, valleys, and hills. To visit Agartala thoroughly, you require approximately two days. The major spot or attraction of this city is the Ujjayanta Palace.

  • Via Air

Agartala Airport is the easiest means to reach the outskirts of the city. It is the busiest airport in the northeast of India which has regular flights working to all the major locations of India.

  • Via Rail

AGTL (Agartala Railway Station) has two express trains: Kanchenjunga Express (15660) and Tripura Sundari Express (14019). These express trains are connected to the main cities of India via Delhi and Calcutta.

  • Via Road

The one and only major highway running via Agartala are NH – 8 which connects to several cities of India. Numerous private buses and state buses run and connect to Agartala.

Agartala – the capital city of the State of Tripura, naturally becomes the first-choice destination for tourists who prefer to visit Tripura. The land is rich for its magnificent natural beauty and also is home to various tribes. Hence, it is a colourful and vibrant representation of all the various cultures. Agartala is popular for its beautiful monuments, palaces, temples, and handicrafts. It has a rich history to narrate as well. The monuments of this place are a stunning reminder of the rich and glorious past of Agartala. If you intend to tour the State of Tripura, do not miss the major attractions in the State of Agartala.


major cities of the State of Tripura
Dharamanagar : Image via Internet

Dharamnagar is also famous for its valleys, hills, and nature. This place is near to the city of Agartala. One day is enough to tour Dharmanagar.

  • Via Air

Agartala Airport is just 171 km away from Dharamnagar. Several cabs or buses are available from Agartala to head to Dharamnagar. This journey will take up to five hours.

  • Via Rail

DMR (Dharmanagar Railway Station) is connected to the majority of cities in India.

  • Via Road

Several state buses and private buses are available to the city of Dharamanagar.

Dharmanagar is the second-largest city in the State of Tripura and is one of the most gorgeous cities in India. It beholds a rich culture, which is evident from the historic palaces and monuments located here. If you are a history buff and are passionate about visiting ancient places, Dharmanagar is the best place for you, where historic and cultural ruins take you back to the past.


major cities of the State of Tripura
Ambassa : Image via Internet

Ambassa is famous for palaces, nature, and hills. It again just takes one day to tour Ambassa. This place is near to the cities of Agartala and Udaipur.

  • Via Air

You can reach Ambassa via Agartala Airport which is located 82.3 km away. After reaching the airport you can travel via roadways which will approximately take 2 hrs 28 mins.

  • Via Rail

ABSA (Ambassa Railway Station) is the nearest station to the city of Ambassa.

  • Via Road

You can take a state bus or private bus to Ambassa.

Ambassa is among the beautiful cities in the State of Tripura. Ambassa is famous for its ancient temples. The picturesque setting of the place is really beautiful and the rich culture of this land makes it one of the leading attractions in the State of Tripura.


Major cities for tourism in tripura: Udaipur

Udaipur is rich in temples, nature, and hills. One day is again enough to tour Udaipur thoroughly.

  • Via Air

Agartala is again the only nearest airport to the city of Udaipur. It takes approximately 1 hrs 40 mins to reach Udaipur via roadways from the airport through a taxi or a cab or a bus.

  • Via Rail

UDPU (Udaipur Railway Station) is the nearest railway station which is connected via Delhi or Calcutta.

  • Via Road

State buses or private buses can help you reach your desired travel spot as well.

Udaipur is situated 55kms away from Agartala. The city of Udaipur ranks third as the largest city in the State of Tripura. It is located on the banks of River Gomati. The city of Udaipur is popularly known as Lake City. Udaipur has an immense number of historic sites and temples to visit.

The other cities in the State of Tripura are as follows :

  • BISHALGARH        

Yet we have mentioned the top cities that should be on every traveler’s list while visiting Tripura. These locations mentioned have the major attractions of Tripura located in, thus making them significant, best, and popular cities of the State of Tripura for tourists or visitors.

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