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Limit your social media sharing to have a positive digital footprints, said Er Manmohan Singla-Director, HiDM

1 year ago

On July 22, while launching the digital marketing seminar fest 2022, HiDM organized an open seminar on Ways to manage Digital Footprints. On HiDM premises, the seminar was conducted by Er Manmohan Singla- Director of HiDM.

“Staying safe in today’s digital world requires a different way of thinking. We must think twice before sharing any data on any digital platform.  Only then will you be able to better manage your digital footprint and reduce the amount of data you have online” said Er Manmohan Singla.

Er. Manmohan singla while presenting Digital Footprint seminar
Er. Manmohan singla while presenting Digital Footprint seminar

A number of students attended the seminar who got to know about digital footprints, types of digital footprints, and various ways to manage footprints. While defining the Digital footprint, he further said, your digital footprint is an archive of your online activities. It displays your internet activity and the data you’ve left behind. When you intentionally share something online, or when websites and apps track your activity without your permission, your digital footprint grows. You can be a part of internet fraud if you left your data at the wrong website. Thus to manage digital footprints, limit data sharing, don’t browse unsafe sites, delete your old accounts, limit the sharing on social media, use strong privacy settings, etc.

Seminar on Digital Footprint
Seminar on Digital Footprint

Every year HiDM organized a digital marketing seminar fest for their students. They get professional exposure and experience during the event. This year also, the seminar fest 2022 will start from July 27 and run till Aug 27.

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