Digital Marketing Seminar Fest 2022: The first seminar on Graphic Designing overview going to held on July 27

1 year ago

HiDM- Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing is organizing a 4-week Digital marketing Seminar fest 2022 from July 27 to Aug26, 2022. In the seminar fest, the HiDM students will conduct seminars on different topics of digital marketing.

Himanshu Sharma, an HiDM student will host the first seminar on Graphic Designing overview in the seminar fest 2022. The seminar will be conducted under the guidance of Er. Manmohan Singla, is one of the best digital marketing professionals in India and Director & trainer at HiDM.

The seminar on Graphic design overview will be hosted on July 27. The major highlights of the seminar are graphic designing basics, design marketing tips and fundamentals of the Canva design tool. Graphic design is a communication tool that marketers use both on screen and in print, to communicate with their audience in the form of images and words. The seminar will expose students to the fundamental skills required to make good graphic design, and how to communicate through image-making and typography.

Seminar on Graphic Design Overview
Seminar on Graphic Design Overview

Every year, HiDM organizes digital marketing seminar fest for students so that they get professional exposure along with digital marketing training. HiDM provides a 4-month digital marketing course for students, professionals, housewives, etc. Along with the course, HiDM also offers a 2-month internship in a Pvt Ltd company. The course provided by HiDM is the best digital marketing course in Hisar and nearby areas as its trainer Er Manmohan Singla is a Microsoft certified SEO Expert and Harvard certified Business management professional.

Digital Marketing Course in Hisar
Digital Marketing Course in Hisar

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