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Mumbai -one of the most populated and busiest city is also known as the  Industrial Hub or financial capital of India. Every year lakhs of people migrate from different parts of India to Mumbai and its suburbs in search of Jobs. The trade port and railway station in Mumbai holds historical importance as it is established before Independence.

History of Mumbai

Mumbai initially was inhabited by the fishermen community but later after the establishment of the Maurya Empire, it was established as the Buddhist center between 3 to 2 BCE. Mumbai remained as a major Buddhist settlement until 1348 when the Muslim sultanate of Gujrat captured Mumbai. In 1534, after the Treaty of Bastien, the seven islands of Bombay were in the possession of the Portuguese. The seven islands were clubbed into one by the Britishers and were established as Bombay. During that period the city was one of the major trade ports between India and Middle Eastern Asia.  The earliest railway station was established between Thane and Sion. The first local ran between these two suburban cities of Mumbai. After the Independence, the city was established as the Bombay Presidency. In 1960, after the Sanyukta Maharashtra Moment Bombay was established as the capital of Maharashtra.  It was renamed as Mumbai in the year 1996.

Life in Mumbai

Life in Mumbai is dominated by the service sector. People’s day started with traveling to their workplace as the workplaces are situated in the different parts of the city. People travel by Local trains and Buses that are an integral part of the city. The local train is called the lifeline of Mumbai. They extend right from Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus to Karjat, Khopoli, and Boisar. They provide the best access to all parts of the city. Work timings start from early morning 4 am to late at night at 1 am. Even at night transport facilities are available for people traveling. Along with working people, the city also comprises of the student population living in their homes along with the students that live in the hostels.

Work Life in Mumbai

Many Banks, Software companies and industries have headquarters in Mumbai. Film Industry is one of the prominent industries in Mumbai where a large number of people is employed. A lot of manufacturing companies are also there. Along with that a lot of people also work in the Dockyard in Mumbai.

Major Industries in Mumbai :

  1. Film Industry/Entertainment
  2. Shipping
  3. Banking
  4. IT
  5. Infrastructure
  6. FMCG
  7. Travel
  8. Fashion
  9. Construction

Education in Mumbai

A lot of recognized colleges and universities are present in Mumbai. For that, a lot of people travel from around India to study in Mumbai. All types of courses are available in Mumbai. Major Universities include Mumbai University, SNDT, and UDCT.

Major Colleges in Mumbai :

  1. IIT Bombay
  2. Mumbai University
  3. SNDT
  4. JBIMS
  5. SP Jain
  6. IHM
  7. Jai Hind College
  8. St Xaviers College
  9. Whistling Woods

Languages Spoken in Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial city of Maharashtra and the official language of Mumbai is Marathi and Hindi. Also, a common language is English. But you can see a mix of various languages such as Marathi, Hindi, and Gujarati in the city. Also, various regional Marathi languages such as Koli, Agri, and Konkani can also be heard.

Festivals in Mumbai

People from all religions live in Mumbai that’s why they celebrate most cultural festivals such as Diwali, Eid, Parsi festivals, Jain Festivals, etc. Temples, Masjids, Agiaries, Synagogues, Churches are present all over Mumbai. Owners of factories and companies are allowed to give holidays as per their Religious holiday. The main highlight to see in Mumbai is the Ganpati festival.

Food and Cuisine of Mumbai

Mumbai is famous for its street food. Various street foods such as Vada-pav, Pani Puri, Bhel, etc are a staple food here. Also, food that cannot be categorized into any cuisine such as Paav Bhaji is famous here. Apart from this local Marathi food can is easily be available. The street food in Mumbai is so yummy that you will keep licking your fingers.

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Leisure life in Mumbai

Weekends usually are for leisure in Mumbai. Beaches, resorts, amusement parks, and visits to nearby hill stations are some of the activities people do to spend their leisure time. There are many Nature parks and Nature spots in Mumbai that are worth visiting. At Night, usually, people like to chill out at pubs and cafes. The music and dance culture in the city is very popular, you can see Street Rap fights, dance battles every now and there in the city. Also, Mumbai is home to a lot of Art and Culture Fests and fairs.

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