Lakshadweep Island: The untouched beauty of nature

4 years ago

Lakshadweep is a bouquet of coral islands in the Arabian Sea. Its literal meaning is a hundred thousand islands. The golden coast, dense forest of coconut, magical lagoons, and fewer populations, often untouched by tourists are the characteristics of this place. These island groups, famous for tuna fish, are quite different from other resorts because of the tremendous control over tourists’ invasion.

Underwater life

The island of Lakshadweep, which is situated about four hundred kilometres away from Kochi, is a beautiful tourist destination for honeymooners. A permit is required to visit the Lakshadweep islands for all including Indians. Lakshadweep is the only place in the country where tourists can visit the colourful world of Lagoons along with seeing the beauty of the earth. Even if you can’t swim, you can see the unique world underwater. If one can swim, scuba diving can be an adventurous sport for spending some time in the foothills of the ocean, experiencing corals, reefs, turtles, octopuses and other water organisms.


In Lakshadweep, the colorful views of sunrise and sunset can be seen from every island. At the time of sunset, the unique colors of sun rays on the lagoon create a wonderful view.

Lakshadweep Island
Lakshadweep Sunset

It is a well-known place for pollution-free air, clean water, and guest hospitality and convenience. The main shores are Kavaratti coast, Kalpani, the Minicoy Beach, the Kadmat Coast, the Agati coast and the Bangaram coast.

Bangaram Island being the largest of all is a treat to the tourists having pure blue water, colourful reefs, and quite an environment. It is very less inhabited and can be a good point to relax from the hustle-bustle of city life if you demand solitude.

Kavaratti Beach : Lakshadweep Island
Kavaratti Beach

Minicoy Beach is an expanse of the Arabian Sea, mainly a white sand beach and beautiful reefs. It is the second-largest Island among all and a perfect place for rejuvenating yourself in the beauty of nature.

Kalpeni Island is the most picturesque Island grouping three islands in it. Famous for water sports like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Reef walking, canoeing, and kayaking.

Lakshadweep Island - Agatti Airport
Agatti airport

Agatti Island: The only Island having an airport that makes the island extremely accessible from major parts of the world.

The union territory can be reached via Airways and Waterways only. Lakshadweep has its airport at Aggati Island. Kochi is the other nearest Airport. One can reach Lakshadweep through ships which operate through Kochi and Lakshadweep.

The best time to visit the Lakshadweep is winters (November-Feb) and summers (March-May).

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  1. Lakshadweep Island is one of the adventurous Holiday destinations in India. Your description of this place left me speechless. I would definitely plan for a trip this winter season.

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