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Kaziranga National Park: A house of the one-horned rhino

4 years ago

In Golaghat and Nagaon district of Assam state of India, a very famous national park known as Kaziranga National Park is located. Kaziranga National Park is one such national park in the world-famous for having the largest population (two-thirds) of one-horned rhinos. Kaziranga National park has been declared as a World Heritage Site in 1985. The protected and sustained biodiversity of Kaziranga National Park makes it extremely special, due to which many types of flora and fauna are found in this park. The park is also called the home of the Indian tigers. The water bodies and forests of Kaziranga make this place extremely beautiful due to which the tourists get a different enjoyment.

The Kaziranga Park was declared as Reserve Forest in 1908. It was renamed the Kaziranga Game Reserve in 1916. Later in the year 1950, the park was made Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary.

wild Buffalo

Kaziranga National Park has one-horned rhinoceros, wild-water buffalo (wild water buffalo) and eastern swamp deer being the most populous in the world. A total of 35 mammal species are found in this national park but 15 of them are now in danger. Apart from this, other animals found in Kaziranga include elephant, gaur, sambar, wild boar, Bengal fox, golden jackal, bear, Indian gray nebula, small Indian nebula. A horned rhinoceros, wild water buffalo, swamp deer, Asiatic elephant, and the royal Bengal tiger are most commonly found in Kaziranga National Park.

Bengal tiger

The rich variety of vegetation found in Kaziranga attracts tourists here every year, making it a distinct peace of mind for them. Tourists coming to Kaziranga National Park can enjoy two types of safari, elephant safari, and jeep safari. With the help of both these safaris, you can see the fascinating view of the fauna and forests of Kaziranga National Park. To enjoy the jeep safari, the Kaziranga national park has fixed timings. Tourists must ensure the timings before planning the trip.

If you are planning to visit Kaziranga National Park, the best time to visit here is from November to April. Assam receives heavy rainfall when the monsoon arrives and before the monsoon due to which Brahmaputra river gets flooded. The Kaziranga National Park and the lowlands get submerged. During the rainy season, the animals of Kaziranga National Park migrate from one region to another. Therefore, traveling to Kaziranga from November to April will be very enjoyable for a tourist.

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