Karwa Chauth : A day of faith and confidence on love.

4 years ago

India as a country, has many fasts to observe in its custom and traditions. Karwa Chauth is one of the popular and vividly known one day celebrated fast which is observed by married women in India for long and good life of their respective husbands. Unlike, other fasts taking even a sip of water after early morning 'Sargi' is not allowed in this fast.

This festival or fast is celebrated on fourth day of full moon (Purnima) on Krishna Paksh Chaturthi in Kartik month as per Hindu Lunar Calendar. This year fast has to be held on 27th October, 2018, when moonrise is predicted at 8:00pm and Shubh Mahurat for Puja ought to be from 5:36pm to 6:54pm. The festival was celebrated traditionally in a sombre and simple way. But, due to the impact of glamour world, potrayed by Bollywood and various Indian daily - soaps, the festivities of this festival are magnificently grown over the years.

The day begins with eating and drinking at dawn hour, where women who are fasting stuff themselves with lots of food known as 'Sargi' which is given by their mother in law to them in the form of blessings. In recent times, unmarried women also keep this fast, wishing for a suitable husband and long life of their to be or fiance.

During the fast puja, the various legends associated with Karwa Chauth are narrated. And, one of the most popular was the Queen Veeravati who was a loved sister and daughter. After her young marriage, she comes to celebrate her first Karwa Chauth at her maternal home, where her brother couldn't see her starve for food and water and therefore creates a fake image of moon and presents to her, convincing her to break her fast by witnessing and offering the moon. And that's how Veeravati gets convinced and ends up breaking her fast, and just after that, the news that her husband has died, arrived to her, leading her in tears all the night and then Goddess presents herself in front of her, knowing that she is innocent here. And, tells her to do fasting again, worshipping Lord Ganesha.

After observing the fast again, she ends up saving the life of her husband from Yamraj.

Therefore, the most significant aspect of this festival is the wishing for the long and happy life of husbands by their respective wives.


In modern times, this fast has introduced many modern ways of celebrating it as women folks get lined up at Henna counters evening or night before, ladies in Rajasthan apply Alta on their hands and feet, get dress up with bright colours preferably Red and are not allowed to wear anything in Black or White.
Make ups and hair do's are booked up and beauty salons are rushed up as each of the ladies gets ready like a bride.

All day, many entertaining functions are arranged to keep fasting women engaged in some fun full activities. Husbands also present their wives with many gifts and jewellery, take them out on special dinner dates with musical evenings as thanksgiving and token of love. Compare to South States, this festival is majorly celebrated at Northern parts of the country and four days after to which, a fast for the wellness of sons is observed known as Ahoi Ashtami.

Ahoi Ashtami


With this, I Sakshi Narang, Manager (Communications and Editorial) Jugaadin.com wishes all the couples over there, A very Happy Karwa Chauth.
May you all share this bond of love and togetherness, forever.


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