blockchain seminar on HiDM

In House Seminar on Blockchain held at HiDM (Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing).

2 years ago

Blockchain is incredibly popular nowadays but only a few people know about what is blockchain and how it actually works? To spread the awareness about blockchain and its future aspects, an in-house seminar was held on yesterday at HiDM (Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing). The seminar was conducted by Mr. Ananay a pursuing student from IT stream.

The seminar aware the students about digital data transfer mechanism. This data transfer mechanism is helpful in cryptocurrency and Crowdfunding.  Crowdfunding is a very effective way to raise funds and it is expected to grow $1.55 billion dollar industry by the year 2020 as said by the speaker.

At the end, Er. Manmohan Singla, Director, Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing (HIDM) thanked Mr. Ananay for sharing his valuable knowledge among students and also brief about the same to the students. He also said “if anyone having some knowledge and experience to share or aware people about, HIDM welcomes them.

Deepak Kumar

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