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How the Mass Communication course is beneficial to do?

2 years ago

It is difficult to decide which course will be beneficial for the future as various options are available nowadays. Some options you may be aware of and some you are not. One such evolving course of study is Mass communication which is not so common among students.

Mass Communication is the study of exchanging information through various media to a large group of people at the same time. For communication, print and electronic media are used. Mass Communication course of study can be chosen after passing senior secondary or after doing Bachelor in any field. Mass communication course covers six core subjects including Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, Video Production, Audio Production, and Event Management. 

The six core subjects covered by the Mass Communication course are further divided into:

Journalism subject of Mass communication further divides into two parts as electronic media and print mediaElectronic media include television and print media include newspapers and magazines. In this field, students learn the skills of reporting, writing, and editing stories. 

Advertising is the most popular subject of mass communication courses. It gives complete knowledge about marketing, marketing strategy, and functioning of an advertising agency. 

Public relations in mass communication is the process of establishing relations within and outside the company. In this, the Public Relations Officer is appointed by the company to build relations with consumers, government, and other public authorities.

Video Production course of mass communication helps you to learn video, movie, or short film production, camera handling, camera equipments, camera movements, Video editing software, and many more. 

In mass communication’s audio Production subject students are able to learn voice recording, voice editing, etc.

In Event Management, knowledge about organizing any event from scratch to end is given. How an event can be made successful with minimum budget and maximum output is the main skill that the mass communication course provides.

Mass Communication course’s students need to be creative in idea generation so as to get name and fame in the field. Mass communication gives great industrial exposure to other benefits.

Benefits of doing Mass Communication course:

1. Multiple career opportunities – Mass Communication course covers six core subjects and all subjects are itself a course of study.  After taking a mass communication course, you can enter any of the above fields like video and audio editing, news reporter, content writer, advertising manager, jingles writer, event manager, and so on.

2. Free to express your opinion  Studying mass communication helps a student develop the ability to reframe the real incident into a written one. Individual ideas, views, and viewpoints about any issue can also be instilled in any incident of social, economic, or political comparison in order to make it more relatable. With time, there will be possibilities for you to run your own visual or audio show. Thus mass communication course can give you a platform to express yourself.

3. Attractive salary – Mass communication course is unlike most other professions, pay an attractive amount to entry-level persons. The average salary of a fresher can be between INR 10000 and 25000 per month. With years of experience, your work will let you earn high packages.

4. Practical exposure – Mass communication course want risk-taking, innovative, and shaping people’s mind kind of students.  The Mass Communication course helps students develop, problem-solving, critical thinking, team building, and public speaking skills. This course helps students to travel a variety of locations and explore the world from the viewpoint of a journalist or filmmaker and covers a variety of events and stories.

5. Wide Network– The degree in journalism and mass communication helps you to grow your social network as it includes interactions with different media houses. The course gives you practical field exposure to understand things clearly. Hence, courses in journalism and mass communication open the doors of the future to a broader network.

Mass Communication course is an exhaustive course through which you can bring a positive change in your society. Your thoughts, new ideas, and creativity have the power to change the world, only need is to work hard, with dedication, and concentration.

Sunidhi Garg

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