Seminar on Digital Footprints by HiDM

HiDM organized a seminar on Digital Footprints at Govt Polytechnic Hisar

4 weeks ago

Apart from your professional and educational credentials, recruiters now also look into your ‘digital footprint’ – that’s why it is necessary to have positive digital footprints said Er Manmohan Singla while delivering a seminar on Digital Footprints.

G.D. Govt Polytechnic College, Hisar organised a seminar on How to Manage Digital Footprints on April 16 at Block C on its campus. Er Manmohan Singla- Director of HiDM and a renowned Digital Marketing Expert in Haryana addressed the students in the seminar.

Seminar on How to Manage Digital Footprints at Govt Polytechnic by HiDM

He explained, “Mails, social media and the online videos you watch, with all other online activity, you all have created Digital footprints. Digital footprint represents your online reputation. Employers, colleagues and clients often search for information about individuals online. A positive digital footprint shows your achievements, skills, and professionalism and also enhances the new scope of opportunity.

Keeping a strong password, adjusting security settings, disabling location tracking, and using a VPN are a few methods by which a user can control digital footprints.

“It was an interactive session and a necessary one, as technology has become a part of our lives and we all spend a lot of time on social media and browsing, hence creating positive and negative digital footprints. This session has given us all useful insights how to minimize the negative digital footprints,” said Govt. Polytechnic’s Principal.

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