Seminar on impact of AI on Digital Marketing

HiDM Digital Marketing Seminar Fest 2023- “Artificial Intelligence helps Businesses to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns- said Keshu

5 months ago

The third phase of Digital Marketing Seminar Fest 2023 started on Nov 3, and under it held a seminar on the Impact of AI on Digital Marketing.  Every Year, the HiDM seminar fest is organized by the institute’s students under which they present seminars on the different topics of digital marketing.

The seminar on the Impact of AI on Digital Marketing was presented by Keshu (HiDM Student). Firstly, he explained what is Artificial Intelligence, how artificial intelligence works, its pros and cons. With the help of AI tools, businesses and organizations can automate processes, improve efficiency, and gain insights from large amounts of data, said Keshu.

In the end, a short question-answer session was also held in which students asked their doubts and host Keshu solved them.

HiDM’s Digital Marketing Seminar Fest is an opportunity for digital marketing students to learn something more beyond digital marketing skills. The mentor and digital Marketing Trainer Er Manmohan Singla is one of the best digital marketing professionals in India who not only trains students for the Digital world but also for surviving in the corporate world.

Seema Jain

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