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Happy New Year 2021: Some new year resolution ideas that everyone should make

2 years ago

Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has taught us how important it is to find happiness in small things.

A new year is a time to start a new life with positivity, happiness, and motivation. The promises that we made with ourselves in the past year but were not able to complete, New year is a time to give them a fresh start and make every effort to achieve that. The new year is a time to make good changes in ourselves, passionate to do something new for our family and society.

There can be endless ideas for new year resolutions but before making any new year resolution, it should be considered that the resolution should be achievable and self-motivated. It should not be like that anyone else has to make efforts for its completion.

New year Resolutions that can be made are:

Do consistent and diligent efforts. Rome is not built in a day and can never be. Your consistent and arduous nature can lead you to your zenith. So make a resolution to be more hardworking in the new year 2021.

Do not worry too much about the past and do not harm your present thinking about the future. We keep on thinking about the past moments in which we got failed, but we never try to learn from that. We should learn why we got failed, what was the reason behind the failure and what extra effort that can be made to reach the future goal, this must be the resolution in the new year 2021.

 Adopt a positive attitude for yourself and others. Under any circumstances, try to give your 100%. Every bad situation imparts a lesson and we should learn from that. Only optimistic nature can help us to see that lesson. So be positive in thoughts, words, and deeds. Never give up and always keep trying because, “those who fear never win, and those who win never fear”.

Make a list of your blessings. And always keep that list close to your heart, mind, and body and every day read that list and thank those people who have made your life blessed.

Sleep enough time. Do not sleep too much or too little.

 Always keep a smile on your face and be happy. Laugh as much as you can. Someone has rightly said that “laughter is the best medicine”.

Stop overthinking. Overthinking a situation only worsens the condition. It makes us see a picture that is not real. So living in reality, must be the new Year 2021 resolution.

Help the poor and needy people. As your minute help can bring a lot of happiness in someone’s life.

Stay healthy must be the foremost resolution for the new year 2021 as the year 2020 has shown us the value of health and immunity. The year 2020 has shown that to survive, you have to be fit.

And last but not least, take an oath to plant as many trees as possible in the new year. As being a responsible citizen of the country, it is our duty to save the environment.

There are can be any new year resolution according to your own interest and experiences. The above mentioned are some easy and common new year resolution ideas. Make a new start in the new year with positivity and happiness.


Seema Jain

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