Games and Activities for Children ages 6 to 10

Games and Activities for Kids aged 6 to 10

2 years ago

Companionship is a serious matter in your child’s life. Especially those kids who fall into the category of 6 to 10. These kids are developing new social skills, interests and gaining awareness about things around them. As a part of these transitions, they are on the lookout for complex games and activities. During this transition, they also tend to move closer towards forming bonds with their peers. 9 and 10-year-olds, especially enjoy when all their friends are involved in playing challenging games with each other. To increase the complexity of challenges they also add or change the games to match their abilities. Although it might seem easier to put them on the couch with a movie playing, it’s not advisable as this will lead to obesity and behavioural problems. Below is a list of games and activities to exercise their mind and body which will break the cycle of whining. No mess, no prep needed.

Uno Attack

As opposed to the classic Uno, Uno attack introduces challenging but random varying situations with the help of a mechanical card launcher. The game objective is to score 500 points. Additionally, 3 extra cards are introduced which adds slight variations to the classic Uno. It’s an engaging game that requires players to constantly adapt to the challenges.


This is a good choice of game for family game nights. Pictionary requires a lot of interactions amongst the team members to guess what the other is drawing. It’s quite a simple game but a lot of fun. The rules of the game can be changed and adjusted to suit the circumstances. This is possible because it’s not as complex as the other games.  

Apples to Apples Jr

Games and Activities for Kids aged 6 to 10

This game consists of a set of red apple cards with person, place, thing and events on them. It also has a set of green apple cards which consists of describing words. Players act as a judge on their turn and place one green apple card face up on the table. Other players must match one of the red cards in their hand to the green card on the table. The judge decides the winner, the winner gets the green apple card. First to collect 4 apple cards wins the game.


The structure of charades is quiet similar to Pictionary. As opposed to drawing, the players have to enact or use non-verbal body language to convey the message or a phrase. This game requires a skill of its own. Similar to Pictionary. The rules can be added or adjusted as per the requirements.


Qwirkle is similar to that of scrabble, instead, it has shapes and colours. Each player starts with 6 tiles varying in colours and shapes. On their turn players have to match as many tiles as possible in shape or colour but you can repeat colours or shapes in the same line. This highly awarded game is the best option for family game night.


A vertical tower is built by stacking Jenga blocks. The objective is to remove and stack a block from the tower without making the tower to collapse. This game creates a very competitive and exciting atmosphere for the kids.


Another great choice for family game night. This board game requires a minimum of 2 players. Players take turns to roll the dice and move the token around the board. All players receive a sum of money to start the game. Based on the spaces they land on, actions will be taken. Chance and community chest cards describe the rules as per the number that landed them in that space. If other players land on a property purchased by one of the players, he is entitled to pay the rent amount as mentioned on the card. The objective is to become the wealthiest player by selling, renting and buying properties.

Guess Who

The game objective is to correctly guess your opponent’s character before they guess yours. Each player gets an identity card. Players take turns and ask questions about the other player’s identity. Players rule out the possibilities based on the questions they ask their opponents. The best of 5 wins the game.


Games and Activities for Kids aged 6 to 10

The game consists of nine tiles with pictures on both sides. Also consists of one coloured dice and one numbered dice. The game has four sets of cards red, blue, green and action cards. So players take turns and read the rules on the cards and perform actions as per the cards. It a family fun game, keeps all the players engaged. This game will keep your kids occupied and interested.


The game consists of a multi-coloured mat and a twister wheel. The objective of the game is to not fall over. Spin the wheel and put your hands and feet as per the colour mentioned on the wheel. The whole family will have a wonderful time.

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