Food of Meghalaya – 14 famous food of Meghalaya

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Meghalaya is also known as, “Scotland of East.” The clouds, hills, rain, lakes, lovely weather, and delicious food makes Meghalaya even more beautiful. Meghalaya still holds the tribal culture and it can be seen in Meghalaya cuisine. Rice and pork is the staple ingredient of the Meghalaya.

Here is the list of traditional food of Meghalaya – 

  • Jadoh – Jadoh is a popular dish of the Khasi tribe community of Meghalaya. Jadoh is prepared with rice and pork, mixed with aromatic species, chopped vegetables, and garnished with eggs or fried fish. 
Food of Meghalaya
Jadoh | Food of Meghalaya
  • Doh-Khlieh – Doh-Khlieh is a pork salad prepared with boiled pork and mixed with lots of onion, chili, spices, and salt. It is a simple yet delicious dish. Doh-Khlieh is a specialty of Meghalaya. 
Food of Meghalaya
Doh-Khlieh | Food of Meghalaya
  • Nakham Bitchi – Nakham Bitchi is a delicious soup of dry fish and boiling vegetables, quite popular in Meghalaya. The soup is served to the guests after a heavy spicy meal. Nakham Bitchi is a nutritious and delicious soup of Meghalaya cuisine. 
Food of Meghalaya
Nakham Bitchi | Food of Meghalaya
  • Pumaloi – Pumaloi is a sort of steamed rice. The rice used is a special kind of rice found in Meghalaya. This is favorite  dish of the Khasi community. The Pumaloi rice is served at any time during breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Food of Meghalaya
Pumaloi | Food of Meghalaya
  • Doh-Neiiong – Doh-Neiiong is prepared from pork belly, black sesame, onion, salt, turmeric paste, and aromatic spices. The dish is best served with sticky rice.
Food of Meghalaya
Doh-Neiiong | Food of Meghalaya
  • Tungrymbai – Tungrymbai is a nutritious dish of fermented soya beans, boiled pork, black sesame, ginger, onion, and aromatic spices. This lip-smacking dish is an important part of Meghalaya cuisine.   
Food of Meghalaya
Tungrymbai | Food of Meghalaya
  • Pudoh – Pudoh is prepared with steamed rice and pork, flavored with local herbs and spices. It is prepared during Khasi weddings and celebrations. 
Food of Meghalaya
Pudoh | Food of Meghalaya
  • Minil Songa – Mini Songa is a popular dish of the Garo tribe in Meghalaya. Minil is sticky rice having nutty flavor and delicate texture. Minil Songa is prepared by boiling Minil rice in bamboo. This dish cures constipation and improves digestion. 
Food of Meghalaya
Minil Songa | Food of Meghalaya
  • Pukhlein – Pukhlein is a powdered rice dish, sweetened with jaggery. Pukhlein is best served with a wide variety of other meat dishes.
Food of Meghalaya
Pukhlein | Food of Meghalaya
  • Sakin Gata – Sakin Gata is a sticky white rice cake prepared with rice mixture, roasted and steamed sesame seeds and banana leaves. This nutritious delicacy of Meghalaya looks rich and delicious in taste. 
Food of Meghalaya
Sakin Gata | Food of Meghalaya
  • Kyat – Kyat is a party drink prepared from fermented rice and garnished with local ingredients. Without this rice beer, any party is incomplete in Shillong. 
Food of Meghalaya
Kyat | Food of Meghalaya
  • Momos – Momos are originated by Tibetan and further modulated by Nepalese. These are small white flour steamed dumplings having vegetable fillings. The filling can be made with ground meat also.
Food of Meghalaya
Momos | Food of Meghalaya
  • Bamboo Shoots – Bamboo shoots is sweet and sour in taste. This dish is prepared by using mustard seeds and garlic. Bamboo shoots is a special dish in Meghalaya cuisine. 
Food of Meghalaya
Bamboo Shoots | Food of Meghalaya
  • Egg Dal – Egg Dal is a mixture of Tuvar dal, onions, garlic, ghee, tomato, and chili. All the ingredients are cooked till thickness and then broken eggs are added in the dal directly. This unique and lip-smacking dish has a special place in Meghalaya cuisine. 
Food of Meghalaya
Egg Dal | Food of Meghalaya

These are some of the traditional and unique dishes of Meghalaya cuisine. So, whenever you visit Meghalaya, try the food of the state while enjoying the lovely weather and make your trip more memorable.

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