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One of the largest States in India, Uttar Pradesh is renowned mainly for the Taj Mahal, the portrait of love built for Mumtaz Mahal by Mughal King Shah Jahan is one of the most famous monuments in the world. Taj Mahal is famous for its architectural beauty that craftsmen have created with white marble. Since then, the same legacy of art and craft has been carried by Uttar Pradesh’s people till now and that’s why Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh are world-famous.

In handicrafts, Uttar Pradesh offers everything from silken saris to earthen pottery, weaved carpets to chikankari suits, and many more. Particular areas in Uttar Pradesh like Varanasi, Mirzapur, and Bhadoi are famous for silk saris, Agra and Kanpur for leather items, Moradabad for metal artefacts, and Lucknow for the chikankari embroidery. Every visitor gets tempted to the marvellous handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh.

The variety of art, crafts, paintings, sculptures always notify the craftsmanship of Uttar Pradesh.

Different Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh

  • Chikankari  Embroidery
  • Varanasi Brocade sarees
  • Stonecraft
  • Carpets
  • Brassware
  • Glassware
  • Pottery
  • Perfumes


Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh
Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh

The most famous of all Handicrafts in Uttar Pradesh is Chikankari of Lucknow. This is a delicate embroidery art in which embroidery is created on cloth with complex needles. The Persian word ‘chikan’ means fabric. The skillful embroidery of white thread onto fabric is beyond words. This art can be seen in different styles like mure, lerchi, keelkangan and bakhia. This is a fine art that uses the architectural motifs of Mughal themes. With chikankari work, you can get beautiful saris and salwar suits in Uttar Pradesh. Chikankari handicraft of Uttar Pradesh is done on fabrics such as chiffon, muslin, organza, organdie, and silk. Chikan saris and kurtas are the best summer wear options.


Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh
Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh

Varanasi Brocade or Varanasi Silk is another famous handicraft of Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi brocade saree is made of fine silk, cotton fabric with gold and silver threads making a different types of designs and patterns. The silver background with gold threads form geometrical designs called ‘butidar’ and ‘jaal’ adds beauty to these Varanasi saris. The Banaras saris play a very important role in any Indian marriage, as brides are supposed to wear them in their wedding ceremonies. The style patterns of these Banarasi saris and suits include elegant floral and leaf patterns, kalga, and bel. The designs of the motifs vary according to the durability of the material. The heavy work on the fabric shows a royal appearance.


The Stone Craft of Uttar Pradesh deserves a mention when it comes to talking about the wonderful arts and handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh. This stonecraft skill flourished abundantly, especially under the rule of the Mughals. The Taj Mahal in Agra city of Uttar Pradesh is the most beautiful example of stone craftsmanship. The white-marble mausoleum is a magnificent sight, one of the wonders of the world, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh
Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh

This is an art in which craftsmen carved stone to give different shapes for windows, garden furniture, decorative arts, and so on. The must-visit places to buy and see this stone handicraft of Uttar Pradesh are Agra, Varanasi, and Fatehpur Sikri.


Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh
Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh

Bhadoi, Shahjahanpur, and Mirzapur are the hubs for the production of carpets in Uttar Pradesh. Carpet weaving is a common task for most people in these regions and it has become one of the greatest art and handicraft of Uttar Pradesh. This practice that prevailed during Persian time has remained alive until now and has earned national and international fame. You might be able to see the finest silk carpets crafted with delicate Persian motifs across the state. The carpets are designed in a number of remarkable styles of flora, fauna, and other patterns.


Uttar Pradesh is India’s main production state for brass and copper articles.  Etawah, Banaras, Sitapur are famous for these types of metal artifacts. Moradabad is also very popular in U. P for its metalwork, colors, and intricate engravings.

Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh
Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh

There are two types of metal engravings, one on the tinned surface is called Nakshi, while the other is known as khudai and is done on unpolished brass coated surface with lac. The pointed steel pencil is used to do khudai style of pattern. The metal brassware consists of traditional vases, Ganeshas, laughing Buddhas, stools, trays, and beautiful contemporary bowls. The Nataraja is the most beautiful item to be gifted and maintained as a suitable item in the brassware handicraft of Uttar Pradesh.


Glassware is a form of glass art that is very famous in Uttar Pradesh. Firozabad, Varanasi, and Saharanpur are renowned for different kinds of glass-oriented handicrafts.

Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh
Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh

 Glass bangles are mainly produced in Firozabad of U.P. that’s why Firozabad is also known as the “city of bangles”. Earlier the glassware art was limited to bangles, but now, with time, this art has stepped into the technological world and using automated equipment for production as a result it has become one of the main businesses in Uttar Pradesh.

The world-famous glass beads are mainly manufactured in Varanasi. The cutting thin glass pieces which are called “tikklu” are used by Locals in decorating different kinds of traditional clothes.

Saharanpur is one of the famous cities in Uttar Pradesh known for its different kinds of colored “Rachkoros”, which’s a mouthpiece of Hukkah.


Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh
Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh

Various cities in Uttar Pradesh such as Khurja, Chunar, Rampur and Nizamabad are famous for its pottery work.  Another type of pottery work, known as Black pottery is also famous for its silver color patterns. The Pottery work in Uttar Pradesh is done with a powder called Kabiz that is made of rice granules having high gloss and luster. Pottery is a special handicraft in Uttar Pradesh forming with various forms, patterns, and colors. Meerut and Hapur are famous for making pottery.


From the era of the Mughal empire in India, till now, ittar is a very famous product in Uttar Pradesh. The famous fragrances in ittar are Heena, jasmine, khus, and rose. The rose petals used in rose ittar are farmed in different cities of Uttar Pradesh such as Agra, Lucknow, Ramnagar, Saharanpur, Gazipur, Aligarh, and Kannauj. These ittars are in huge demand in the domestic and international market. Due to the ittar handicraft of Uttar Pradesh, it is also called as “capital of Essence”.


Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh
Famous Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow is renowned for its silver jewelry and enamel work. Exquisite silverware with hunting scene designs, snakes, and roses is common here. Floral, creeping shapes, birds, and animal designs carved on Ivory and bone are common in Lucknow. Master craftsmen make delicate items such as knives, lampshades, shirt pins, and small toys.

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