Facebook acquired Giphy for $400 Million

4 years ago

Facebook is launching new features and updates. At the same time, the company has taken the lead of GIPHY, the world’s largest animated image-making website, while advancing its business. Giving information through its blog post, Facebook has stated that GIPHY will get support in Instagram in the photo-sharing app. However, no information has been given on how much Facebook has paid to buy GIPHY. It the final, the deal between Facebook and Giphy disclosed at $400 Million.

Facebook has shared information about the acquisition of GIPHY through its official blog and it has been said that GIPHY will get Instagram support. With this, the company has added more than 100 GIPHY employees. After this deal, Instagram users will easily get GIF and stickers for their stories and messages, which will make the messages more special.

The company says that ‘Our community knows and likes GIPHY first. Even 50 per cent of GIPHY comes from the Facebook community. By bringing Instagram and GIPHY together, we can make it easier for people to find better GIFs and stickers in stories and direct sharing, for sharing GIF on Facebook, it has to be downloaded separately.

In the blog, the company also added that ‘We have used GIPHY’s API not only in Instagram but also in Facebook app, Messenger and WhatsApp. There will be no changes to GIPHY’s library and we are eager to invest with its technology, content and API partners. People will still be able to upload GIFs. Developers and API partners will continue to have equal access to GIPHY’s APIs. Also and the creative community of GIPHY will still create great content.

The company also shared a tweet about this information on its official twitter handle

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