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Face Moon Sa – Sumit Saniwal produced featuring Pranjal Dahiya new Haryanvi Song released

4 years ago

 Sumit Saniwal produced the latest Haryanvi song “Face Moon Sa” starring Pranjal Dahiya and Vishal Sehrawat released on June 8, 2020. This new Haryanvi song has been sung by Vishal Sachdeva. Farista directed song ‘Face Moon sa’, written by Kanav and produced by Sumit Saniwal.

Watch ‘Face Moon Sa’ song here

Face Moon Sa song depicts the story of a couple in which the husband divorced his wife on basis of a wrong HIV report, later, when he come across the right report, it was too late for him to get back his love.

Sumit Saniwal
Sumit Saniwal produced Face Moon Sa Clip

About Director& Producer Sumit Saniwal

Filter shot music video fame Sumit Saniwal began his directorial career working with various production houses. He worked as a visual consultant with the Mahinder Singh Saniwal in 2017’s film Bhangover. Working continuously as Assistant Director on various TV programmes in Mumbai, Director Sumit Saniwal began his music video debut with MOOD on Rewa Music Box starring Haryanvi artists Raj Mawer and Sam Vee.

Sumit  Saniwal has directed dozens of music videos for popular Haryanvi artists like Renuka Pawar, Masoom Sharma, Gulzaar Chhaniwala, Raj Mawer, Raju Punjabi,  and Aman Raj Gill.

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