Every business will need digital marketing strategy in future: Er. Manmohan Singla

4 years ago

In today’s modern world where digital technologies are changing at a fast pace, companies are under constant pressure to implement strategies for staying relevant, responsive and profitable.

Marketers have to understand their customer’s end-to-end journeys and experiences and it can only be successful through developing a strategic digital roadmap that meets both their customer’s expectations and their organization’s business objectives.

To make people aware about the new trend in marketing that is Digital Marketing, a seminar was held at Hisar institute of Digital marketing on sunday where attendes learnt how to design, implement, and manage a successful digital marketing strategy for any business. Er.Manmohan singla, Director, Hisar institute of Digital Marketing said that in just coming one or two years, when everything will go online, then need of digital marketers will increase. The businessmen will compete for appearing on search engine results. And for that they will need Digital marketers. He also informed that new batch of Digital marketing course will going to start from 16th september.

Seema Jain

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