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Education in Brunei: Universities in Brunei

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Education plays an incredible role in the development of any country. Education gives people the skill to grow themselves as dependent human beings. The nation’s economy turns out more productive when a number of people educate themselves. By putting resources in an education system, a nation supplies residents with the knowledge and information to lead their life successfully. With this financial benefit, Brunei is supporting its education system for its citizens to receive a quality education.

Let’s know about some best Universities in Brunei

University Brunei Darussalam (UBD)

Universities in Brunei
Universities in Brunei

This is the first university of Brunei, established in the year 1985, it is one of the largest university in Brunei, in terms of courses, degrees, and student enrolment. In the university Brunei Darussalam, there are seven research institutes and nine scholar faculties, covering the subjects of health, sciences, policy studies, Asian studies, business studies, biodiversity, engineering advanced material and energy science, Islamic studies, applied data analytics, leadership advancement, and innovation.

UBD made its way for global students as there has been an expansion in the variety of students coming from China, Japan, Europe, Africa and the Middle east. Today UBD offers a scope of projects to upgrade global relations e.g. The Brunei -US enrichment programme for ASEAN, and the discovery year programme which helps students to travel to another country during the third year of their undergraduate programme.

University of Technology Brunei (UTB)

Universities in Brunei
Universities in Brunei

UTB was set up as a higher learning foundation in 1986, for Higher National Diploma programs in designing, business, and processing. The foundation was moved up to a college in 2008 and its name was changed from InstituteTechnology Brunei to UniversityTechnology Brunei.

UTB is home to around 2,303 understudies and 140 employees. It has created 4,483 HND graduates and 128-certificate graduates. Scholastic projects are offered by the Faculty of Engineering, School of Computing and Informatics, and School of Business. Engineering programs are in Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Petroleum and Chemical Engineering. School of informatics and computer programs is in Creative Computing, Computer Information Systems and Computer Network Security. Institute of Business programs is in Economics, Accounting, and Management. The Centre for Communication, Teaching, and Learning supports the staff and schools as far as understudies’ language abilities and delicate skills improvement.

Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University

Universities in Brunei
Universities in Brunei

This university of Brunei was set up in 2007 as the main public Islamic university. University Islam Sultan Sharif Ali – also called UNISSA –is a “pure Islamic University” having worldwide norms which offer a variety of courses dependent on Al-Quran and al-Sunnah. ‘In 2007 UNISSA admitted its first batch of 125 undergraduates and 27 postgraduates’ students.

This university offers world-class diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, master’s & doctorate programs. Let’s see some of these programs.


  • Diploma inDirasat Islamiyah
  • Diploma in Shariah Criminal Justice System
  • Diploma of Islamic Law and Practice
  • Certificate of Shariah Criminal Justice System

Bachelor degrees

  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Arabic Language
  • Bachelor of Islamic History and Civilization
  • Bachelor of Science in Islamic Finance
  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • Bachelor of Halal Science


  • Master of Laws
  • Master of Arabic Language
  • Master of History and Islamic Civilization
  • Master of Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Master of Islamic Economics
  • Master of Halal Laws
  • Master of Halal Management


  • Ph.D. in Arabic Language
  • Ph.D. in Islamic History and Civilization
  • Ph.D. in Law
  • Ph.D. in Halal Laws
  • Ph.D. in Halal Management
  • Ph.D. in Islamic Economics
  • Ph.D. in Islamic Banking and Finance

Brunei Polytechnic University

Universities in Brunei
Universities in Brunei

This university in Brunei is the first of its kind in Brunei. The establishment of this polytechnic university was done by His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam on 18 October 2008 to develop the country’s human resources. This technical education change was a timely response towards the advancement of the neighborhood and worldwide financial scene, which directly influenced the current and future gifted labor force necessities of the country.

There are four schools under Polytechnic Brunei, namely:

School of Businesses

The School of Business’s purpose is to produce students who are confident with marketable abilities. Students have the opportunity to experience industrial training through local and international industrial associates. SBS offers two fundamental Level 5 Diploma programs in Business Accounting and Finance and Business Studies. There are three choices of specializations: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Human Resource Management.

School of Information Communication and Technology

The SICT was set up in January 2012, school offers three Advanced Diploma programs in information systems, computer network and Technology, and Web Computing with a registration of 139 students. Later on, SICT launched two new certificate program called Information Science and Digital Media.

School of Health sciences

School of health sciences provide students with the best chances and supports to pursue their studies in nursing, midwifery to develop safe, professionally capable health professionals, it is a three-year program conveyed more than six academic semesters. These projects are conveyed at PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences, University Brunei Darussalam. This institute has world-class lecture rooms, a simulation center, and a clinical laboratory for practice computing and anatomy resources.

School of Science and Engineering

The School of Science and Engineering keeps on creating significant projects to satisfy the demands of the 21st century. The School of Science and Engineering is currently in the process of getting a certification program from the Institution of Engineering and Technology UK, which increases the quality and standard of engineering education. With the combination of committed students & outstanding teaching staff, the School of Science and Engineering can produce leaders of tomorrow, who address the issues of industry, in terms of having socio-technical capability.

Institute of Brunei Technical Education

Universities in Brunei
Universities in Brunei

The Institute of Brunei Technical Education is a post-secondary organization giving technical education in Brunei. IBTE was formed on May 27, 2014, from the fusion of the Department of Technical Education and seven specialized and professionals schools across the country. Institute of Brunei technical education has two network systems from where they provide programs to the students.

1) Campus: The campus is where the schools are located that run the             academic affairs and administrative matters of the school.

IBTI has seven campus all together

IBTI jefri Bolkiah Campus, Sultan Saiful Rijal Campus, NakhodaRagam Campus, Sultan Bolkiah Campus, Business Campus, Mechanical Campus, Agro Technology Campus.

2) Schools: School runs the programmes and courses

School of Aviation, School of Hospitality & Tourism, School of Information & Communication Technology, School of Building Technology service, School of Energy & Engineering central, School of Business, Brunei Maritime Academy, School of Energy & Engineering satellite, School of Argo Technology & Applied Science. IBTI is a dynamic technical education institution embracing lifelong learning.

Brunei has a lot of high-level universities that have positioned to probably the greatest global universities names. Brunei universities are regarded and well known in academic societies. Universities of Brunei offers prestigious Master’s, Bachelor’s, and P.H.D programs.

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