Dr. Prabhu Swami of Sapra Hospital Hisar performed a rare operation of Peritoneal Hydatidosis; removed more than 100 cysts from the patient’s stomach

1 year ago

Hisar – A 30-year-old woman, Indro Devi, from Suratgarh, Rajasthan, who was suffering from a serious abdominal problem for the last 14 years, was admitted to the Emergency Department of the Sapra Hospital of Hisar on Sunday. On diagnosis, it was found that there are more than 100 unconsolidated (peritoneal hydatidosis) bales in her stomach. In order to save her life from the symptoms like stomach ache, loss of appetite, and constipation, the hospital team decided to carry out an emergency operation without losing time.

 Dr. Prabhu Swami, Head of the Department of Gastro and Liver Surgery, Sapra Hospital, said that during abdominal surgery, all the parasites (Peritoneal Hydatidosis) affected bumps weighed around 18 kgs, were removed while protecting the vital organs of the patient.

 According to Dr. Prabhu, this special type of parasite enters into the human body due to contact with domestic animals such as dogs, sheep, etc., and creates parasitic lumps in the stomach. Usually, patients have only one or two cysts, but this patient had more than 100 cysts in the body, which made her condition very serious. The immediate operation was necessary as these lumps were very poisonous from inside, and if any of them get burst, then it becomes very difficult to save the life of the patient. But in spite of all kinds of difficulties, I, along with Dr. Tarun Sapra and Dr. Rajesh Garg (Anesthetist), the entire team of the hospital made this complex operation successful.

Seema Jain

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