Do’s and Don’ts while writing a Resume

3 years ago

Many a times, we feel that we are so qualified and our experience is also good, but we don’t get a job. The reason can be the mistakes that we leave in the resume. Resume means ‘ Brief information of the job seeker’. That’s why resume is that way which facilitates reaching the goal. If your resume is impressive then you will find it very easy to get the job.  

There are some Do’s and Don’ts that a job seeker must follow while framing his/her resume.


  1. As far as possible, make your resume reader friendly. Do not make it too long and limit it to one page.
  2. Resume design should be such that it is different from everyone else.
  3. Please give complete information about your contact, email id, city name in clear words.
  4. Focus on key strengths using which you can help the organization.
  5.  Create a summary of qualification and profile.
  6. Mention your experience in chronological order. If you don’t have an experience, then mention your skills.
  7. If you were a team leader in previous organization, mention this information and what the previous company has benefitted from you.


  1. Never give false information in your resume.
  2. Do not use personal promos (I, my, me) in resume. Never use justified text blocks.
  3. Do not use expressions such as Duty included, responsibility involving, responsible for.
  4. Avoid giving too much information about very old experience.
  5. Avoid giving information about your highlights, current weight, name of last boss, previous salary etc.
  6. Do not let your hobbies and any other worthless info in resume.
  7. Do not mention those skills and job activities which do not match with the job profile.

Seema Jain

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