Seminar Fest 2022 Phase 2

Digital Marketing Seminar Fest 2022 Phase-2 to start from Oct 10 at HiDM

1 year ago

These days, the field of digital marketing, also known as online marketing, requires no introduction. Digital platforms are being used by every type of business, from small-scale proprietors to large corporations, for marketing and advertising. As a result, there is a greater need for digital marketers, and HiDM, the top institute for digital marketing in India, is playing a crucial role in preparing experts in this field.

HiDM, under its SAP- Student activities and programs section, is organizing the digital marketing seminar fest 2022, Phase-2 from Oct 10, 2022. HiDM’s Director Er. Manmohan Singla informed that” Seminar Fest 2022 phase 2 will start from Oct 10 in which 6 digital marketers will host the seminars on different topics of digital marketing. It will be an opportunity for students to enhance their public speaking skills.

The different seminars that will be covered in the seminar fest 2022 Phase -2 are given below:

  • How to work as a Freelancer on Fiverr
  • How to Become a Powerful Blogger
  • How to create SEO Strategy for any website
  • How to plan a digital marketing strategy for a Travel agency
  • How to plan a digital marketing strategy for Packer & Movers co.
  • Social media strategies for online shopping Cart

Agenda behind Seminar Fest 2022 Phase-2

 In today’s competitive world, it has become necessary to organize educational events to boost the morale and confidence of students. Along with theoretical knowledge, students require public speaking skills also. The agenda behind conducting digital marketing Seminar fest 2022 (Phase-2)  is that here young digital marketing professionals will give seminars on different topics and brush up their professional skills along with educational skills, said Er. Manmohan Singla, Director, HiDM.

Digital Marketing Seminar Fest 2022 Phase-2
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