Digital marketing gives high ROI said HIDM Director, Er. Manmohan Singla

3 years ago

Digitilization in India is very well getting into form and that time is not so far when demand for digital marketers will increase on rapid rate in India. By visualizing this trend,  Er. Manmohan Singla, a Digital marketing professional established ‘Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing ‘to teach the concept of digital marketing to the city students. In an interview with Jugaadin News, he shared his views on digital marketing by saying that this marketing has created revolution in business industry as it is quite influential and with every passing day number of users on social media and internet are multiplying rapidly. It gives more returns on less investment and helps to reach large audience in very less time. Due to which, organizations and business houses are opting digital marketing tools to grow their customer base.

The industry is in its current phase now, but providing job opportunities at high speed. Knowledge of traditional marketing along with digital marketing will help an individual to get employment and make him stand out of the crowd.

Seema Jain

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