Different Handicrafts of India

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Handicrafts is a unique art of processing materials like wood, metals, fabrics by hand with the help of different hand tools. It can be simply understood as crafts made by hands. Handicrafts are used to make either some regular items or some beautiful decorative works. The whole process is mainly natural but can also make use of some industrially processed or recycled items. Handicrafts have been in the tradition and Culture of India since ages. These types of artworks have been made in India since ancient times, proofs of which keep on emerging while historical excavations and performing carbon dating. Craftspeople or Artisans have been transferring through the generations the knowledge of art forms of handicrafts and technicalities involved in them.

Handicrafts are often used in fashion accessories to highlight and provide an aesthetic look to the apparel. Handicrafts such as wall hangings, furniture, cutlery are also widely used in festive decorations to amplify the beauty and aura of the premises. India also possesses a rich heritage of Tribal handicrafts such as Baskets, Ceramics, Clock Making, Embroidery, Decorative Painting, Glass Work, Jewellery, Metal Crafts, Paper Crafts, Pottery, Puppets etc. Many varieties of handicrafts are even exported to foreign countries which generates revenue and earns brand value. So let us have a look at some of the famous handicrafts of India.


Pottery is one of the most beautiful and famous handicrafts of India. It is used to make various items like- daily use items such as pots and decorative items like toys and showpieces. The heritage of pottery is very rich in India. Pottery can be of colours like orange, brown, black, dark red and light red depending upon the region. Lots of beautiful pottery designs also exist in India like Painted Pottery of Bikaner Rajasthan, Kagzi Pottery of Alwar, and the world famous Blue Pottery of Jaipur.

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2. Bidriware

This handicraft originates from Karnataka and has been given the status of Geographical Indication in India. It is a type of metal handicraft which has marvelous artwork involved. An alloy of Zinc and Copper within sheets of Silver is used as the metal in this handicraft.

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3. Carpet Weaving

Carpet Weaving is an age-old handicraft of India. Indian Institute of Carpet Technology has also been set up in Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh to assist the Textile and Carpet industries. Previously all the work was done manually in this field, but now some semi- automated looms have also been set up. This handicraft has a rich heritage. Large carpets are produced in India with various beautiful designs and embroidery on them some of which are even done with gold and silver. Silk carpets are woven in Srinagar.

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4. Woodwork

Woodwork Handicrafts include a wide variety of materials made such as Masks, doors, window frames, sculptures, wooden toys, wood carvings and furnitures. Different regions use different types of woods for the woodwork handicrafts. For example, walnut trees are used for this art form in Kashmir,and Sandalwood and Rosewood is used in the southern part of the country. The designs created on wood in this handicraft can be floral, animals and birds.

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5. Madhubani

Madhubani or Mithila painting is an artform which originates and is practiced in Bihar and Nepal. This artform is majorly natural as it is generally created using brushes, twigs, matchsticks, pins and natural dyes. The themes of these paintings are festive occasions like weddings, Holi, Kali puja etc. The paintings have intricate geometric patterns.

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6. Marble Stone Craft

This craft originates from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. This craft has been practiced since ages on marble stones which have been used in royal forts, palaces and temples. This craft includes a combination of engraving, carving and undercuts delicately done on stones. The soapstone is also used in it. Marble handicrafts such as elephant showpieces are also used by many people to decorate their homes. They are also used to make jewelry like bangles and earrings.

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7. Bamboo Handicrafts

These handicrafts are produced in different forms all over the country especially in the North East parts. These handicrafts are considered to be the most eco-friendly one as bamboo is a natural material itself and the processing materials used are also organic. Bamboo handicrafts are used to create decorative and useful items like toys, mats, furniture, wall hangings, baskets, stands, tables etc. These handicrafts are one of the oldest and still have a huge demand for them in the country as well as in the world. A high level of skill is required to create this amazingly intricate handicraft.

8. Pattachitra 

This handicraft is the art of traditional cloth-based scroll painting. It originated in Odisha. These paintings or handicrafts are used to depict the traditional stories of Hindu Culture. The varieties in this artform lies from the paintings of individual gods and goddesses to stories of Indian epics. They are often used for decoration purposes.

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