Coronavirus Pandemic: Effect on Food Supply Chain

Coronavirus Pandemic: Effect on Food Supply Chain

3 years ago

 The coronavirus pandemic has shut down businesses globally and disrupted the food supply chain due to the shortage of labor. The panic purchase by shoppers cleared shelves of the supermarket as the worldwide population was preparing for lockdown. Fruits, vegetable farmers, and dairy producers struggling to deliver supplies to grocery stores created the conscience of a shortage of food supplies among consumers.

Crop loss is occurring on a more widespread scale in India. Retailer and food firms say there are no inherent shortages and supplies of most products have been restocked as panic purchasing is declining because houses have already stocked up for lockdown.

India depends on millions of people for food supply. Lack of transport and shortage of laborers cause farm crops to deteriorate, leading to a high increase in prices of staple crops. After the coronavirus crisis in China, many aircraft have been disrupted, shipments of vegetables from Africa to Europe or fruit from South America to the United States are being disrupted.

Food firms say that waves in commodity markets may not affect the prices of grocery goods, as firms typically buy raw materials beforehand. It is also estimated that global supplies of the most widely consumed food crops are sufficient.

What needs to be done:

  • Keep the food supply chain moving and open the global trade.
  • Establish emergency food reserves.
  • Take steps to protect Agricultural workers and farmers.

The bottom line is that food and other essential commodities must go on. We cannot convert this health crisis into a food crisis. The government needs to come together globally to protect the food supply.

Shruti Jain

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