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“Consistency is the only formula to be a successful entrepreneur,” says Sonal Somani- Brand Strategist and Digital Marketer

1 year ago

Sonal Somani- an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Coach, Inspiring Blogger, outstanding Mentor, and Exceptional Brand Strategist need no introduction in the field of the Digital Marketing Industry. She is the founder of the Sonal Digital Marketing Agency. Her passion for Digital Space has made her entered into the field of Digital Marketing. Her unique marketing strategies have led many brands, startups, and individuals to grow and prosper.

 On our Talk @ jugaadinnews entrepreneurial forum, we have asked Sonal Somani some questions regarding her interesting and motivating Entrepreneurial journey. Let’s know how she turned into an Experienced Digital Marketer.

Q1. How did you get the idea of becoming a Digital Marketing Professional?

Sonal Somani– I come from a family of Chartered Accountants & Lawyers, so my education was in the same field and my goals were clear but somehow after my father’s death, I never had the heart to continue the same field. So I ideated and started a Tech business that was very ahead of its time, so we were looking for the best tech team and marketing professionals. The output I received was not what I wanted. When I moved to my second Tech business which was about Shopping Subscription box as per your body size, we hired and fired many digital marketing people, and wasted a lot of money, patience, and peace of mind.

So then I finally decided to take things into my own hands and learned it all of my own – Social Media, Content Marketing, creating websites, Digital Marketing, and everything. By the time I learned it all, my funds had dried up, and I was left with only a practical business decision of shutting the shop.

It was the time when I realized, what I suffered as an entrepreneur, many others must be facing the same. So I decided to come on the other side, started working as Digital Marketer and ever since last 7-8 yrs, I am into this field.

I like to be called an “EXPERIENCED DIGITAL MARKETER” and not just a digital marketing professional. While working in the field of Digital Marketing, I felt the shortage of Digital Marketing Professionals as compared to its demand, and that’s where I started providing Digital Marketing Education and over the last two years, I am teaching young minds who want to become Digital Marketers.

Sonal Somani : Digital Marketer/ Blogger/ Brand Strategist

2. What is unique about your business?

Sonal Somani: Coming from a Finance & Legal Background and being an entrepreneur myself, I can contribute much more like a Digital Marketer as I understand business structure and its nature easily. My approach to any business of my client is very much customized to their needs. My strategy is not just about managing social media or running ads, it’s a 360-degree approach. This works really well for small and mid-size businesses. My experience allows me to understand and use tactics useful for the business and bring a lot more to the table than just social media.

3. How do you market your client’s business, and which tactics have been most successful?

Sonal Somani: Every business requires a different approach and understanding of how that business is being run, and most important is that what the company is looking to achieve with the activity they want you to do. I believe our best bets have always been transparency and emotional connection. Our brands/clients get a good response when we use these tactics. Honestly, I feel this every business should aim for.

4. What risks and sacrifices do such an enterprise demand?

Sonal Somani: Like all businesses, running a digital marketing agency also requires patience & hard work. You are not going to succeed overnight. You have to put in long hours and energy and set yourself up for success. It’s not like if you’re not doing anything you can do digital marketing, no way. Skills, common sense, and hard work all are needed to be a good digital marketing professional/ expert.

5. How do you define success?

Sonal Somani: Success to me is being able to push myself every day and to keep myself open, to learning new things. I will stop succeeding the day I stop learning.

6. Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Sonal Somani: CONSISTENCY is the only formula to being a successful entrepreneur and also be passionate about your work, not emotional.

7. What do you say is your greatest achievement being in Digital Marketing Industry?

Sonal Somani: I think My Biggest Achievement is the opportunity to mentor and teach young minds at institutes like Synergy School of Business Skills (CST & Dadar), Skillopedia – now Northstorm Academy, NMIMS – Mumbai as visiting Faculty (For Digital Marketing). When my students get placements and excelled in their careers, I considered it to my achievements and love it when I receive their messages sharing their success.

Sonal Somani during a workshop with women Entrepreneurs

Another great achievement is, winning HASTAKSHARR Brand Strategist Excellence Award 2019 for my work and having a client – a celebrity fitness trainer whose been with me for more than 4.5 years now. It’s such an honor and a fulfilling experience.

Sonal Somani with HASTAKSHARR Brand Strategist Excellence Award 2019

8. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out in this Industry, what would it be?

Sonal Somani: For every person who seriously wants to Become a DIGITAL MARKETER, enter this field if and only if you are PASSIONATE about it not because it’s a trend or flavor of the season.

You should have the capacity to learn and unlearn every day, as the field is dynamic and challenging. It’s not at all a shortcut in any way. It requires dedication, hard work, and most of all commitment. 

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