5 dance forms for weight loss

Bored with exercise and Gym? Try to Reduce weight by 5 Dance forms

2 years ago

Dance is an art of expressing a feeling, idea, or emotion through body movements. Have you ever thought that your body expression on music can help you also in reducing weight? Dance is the most exciting exercise by which you can lose 400 calories per hour.

So if you are bored of doing exercises, Yoga asanas, and a balanced diet, so refill the joy and now lose weight while grooving on music beats.

By dancing, you will not only lose your weight but earn many more health benefits as – 

  • Improves cholesterol
  • Increases flexibility
  • Controls blood sugar level
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Increases your metabolism
  • Improves lung condition

There are many dance forms that can help you in losing weight. Here we are giving 5 dance forms that you can try to lose weight – 

Zumba – Zumba is a combo of rumba, salsa, hip-hop, and merengue dance moves.  This strengthens arms, abs, and legs and provides overall body fitness. Nowadays, mostly the gym provides the Zumba session because of its easiness and to make people enjoy the workout session. An hour of Zumba session can burn 280 calories from the body.  

Zumba for weight loss
Zumba Dance form

 Freestyle – Freestyle as the name indicates you can dance freely in this style. It is the easiest dance form and can be done by any age group of people. In freestyle, there are no steps and sequences. It can be performed on loud music and fast beat so that your energy level boosts up, you lose weight and gain more flexibility. Performing freestyle dance for weight loss burn 180 calories in half an hour. You can do it for 4 days in a week to get effective results. 

Freestyle Dance For weight loss
Freestyle dance

Salsa – Salsa is a Latin-American dance form which gives you a chance to do ooh-la-la with your partner while losing weight. In salsa, the body undergoes bending, swirling, and swaying that increase body flexibility. It will help you to reduce 420 calories per hour. It will help you to reduce weight and gain more energy.

Salsa For weight loss
Salsa dance

Hip-Hop – Hip-hop is a street dance form which is quite popular in nightclubs. Hip hop dance form is an intensive workout for those who want to reduce weight from the hip and pelvic region but the dance movements help in exercising the entire body. By doing hip-hop dance, you can burn 250 calories per hour. Hip Hop dance form can be done 5 days a week to reduce weight. 

Hip Hop for Weight loss
Hip Hop

Pole dance – Pole dancing is not a very popular dance form but climbing and rotating on a pole can strengthen your muscles and gives flexibility. It helps you to make your body in shape and burn down many calories. It can be done with the help of a trainer.

Pole dance for weight loss
Pole Dance

These Dance forms for weight loss are high-energy dance routines that can be compared to intense gym workouts and often yield the same results. Losing weight by dance is time-saving for those who have less time to go for a gym and an entertaining activity as you can enjoy music while dancing. Thus, weight loss by dancing is a triple benefit provider like you enjoy, save time, and become fit.  

Sunidhi Garg

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