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BODHGAYA: Place where Siddhartha became Buddha

4 years ago

Bodhgaya is a small village in the state of Bihar which is known as an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists.  Bodhgaya is famous as king Siddhartha who later became Lord Buddha to gain enlightenment over here. It was here under a Banyan tree, the Bodhi tree; Lord Buddha attained enlightenment and gave his last sermon too. Bodhgaya is full of Buddhist monasteries, temples, and shrines. Tourists from all over the world come to Bodhgaya to pay their homage to Great Gautam Buddha.

The credit for constructing the monasteries and temples in Bodhgaya goes to Emperor Ashoka. Ashoka after the death of Lord Buddha built monasteries and pillars, known as Ashokan pillars at all the sites related to Gautam Buddha to intact the preachings of Buddha. Bodhgaya comes under the one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

A trip to Bodhgaya includes visiting the Mahabodhi Temple, Great Buddha statue, Bodhi tree, Thai Monastery, Chinese temple and Monastery, Archaeological museum and many more.

Mahabodhi temple:

Mahabodhi Temple
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The Mahabodhi temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Bodhgaya, Bihar, also known as the place where Lord Buddha is said to have enlightenment. The temple spreads over an area of 4.8 hectares. The original temple was built by a tree when Maurya Emperor Ashoka moved towards Buddhism. The statue of Buddha in the temple is made up of black stone. The Buddha is seen seated in the “Earth touching posture”.

Bodhi tree:

Bodhi Tree
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The Bodhi tree is famous as Lord Buddha got enlightenment here. He used to meditate here for long. Bodhi tree is located near the Mahabodhi temple.

The great statue of Buddha
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Another great place to visit in Bodhgaya is a statue of Buddha which is one of the tallest in India. Lord Buddha is in a meditation position resting on a Lotus temple.

How to Reach Bodhgaya and What is the right time to visit it?

Tourists can visit Bodhgaya during the month of October to March in a huge number. Visitors also flock here in the month of (April-May) i.e Vaishakh to celebrate the Buddha Purnima, it is an auspicious day when Siddhartha (Lord Buddha) had attained enlightenment.

One can go to Bodhgaya by Airways. The nearest railway station to Bodhgaya is Gaya station which is 16 km far from the village.  From there you can take a bus or a taxi to Bodh Gaya.

To reach Bodhgaya by Bus is also easily accessible. Buses from cities like Varanasi, Nalanda, and Patna are available.

This place is particularly fascinating for religious people, as well as for lovers of history.

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