Black Panther 2 Coming in 2022 Confirmed.

3 years ago

Marvel just released the official release date of its upcoming film Black Panther 2. Black Panther 2 is a sequel of the film Black Panther which was released in 2018. Marvel Studious officially released this information on its Twitter by writing “Ryan Coogler is returning with Black Panther 2”. The film is set to release on 6 May, 2022. This announcement by Marvel Studios has increased the enthusiasm of the fans and the audience.

Disney Plus has announced new superheroes from Marvel Studios like ‘She Hulk’, ‘Miss Marvel’ and ‘Moon Knight’ on Saturday. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has also confirmed this while revealing about his new superheroes. According to the news of English website Times Now, the films of these new superheroes from Marvel Studios will soon air on the streaming platform Disney Plus.

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