Benefits and side effects of Black coffee

Black Coffee: Benefits and Side effects | Black coffee for Weight loss

2 years ago

Coffee is a beverage that is highly popular in the world after water and tea. Drinking coffee is a healthy habit because it has low calories, fats, and carbohydrates but a high level of antioxidants.  Like tea, coffee is also consumed as green coffee and black coffee.

One cup of Black Coffee contains:

Vitamin B 2 – 11% of reference daily intake

Vitamin B 5 – 6 % of reference intake

Vitamin B 3 – 2 % of reference intake

Manganese and potassium – 3 % of reference intake

Method to prepare Black Coffee:

First, boil a cup of water then add a teaspoon of coffee powder. Let it boil for 5 minutes. You can add milk, and sugar also but if you want your black coffee healthy then don’t add it. Now, strain, cool, and drink it.

There are a dozen reasons why you should drink black coffee every day. A few of the health benefits of black coffee are described below.

8 Benefits of Black Coffee

Rich in Antioxidants – Black coffee is rich in different natural antioxidants like potassium, magnesium, Vitamin B 2, B 3, B 5, and manganese. All these natural antioxidants prevent you from various diseases as well as give you energy and boost your memory. 

Improves Cardiovascular health – When you start taking black coffee, first it may increase your blood pressure if you are heart patient. But with time, this effect diminished. Black coffee contains healthy bioactive compounds that help to reduce cardiovascular disease like heart attack and stroke. It helps to make your heart strong. 

Weight Loss – Black coffee contains chlorogenic acid which helps to produce less glucose as well as fat cells. It contains natural antioxidants and caffeine which helps in the acceleration of metabolic activity and thus helps in fat reduction.

Lower the risk of type 2 diabetes – Black coffee contains insulin resistance or sugar elevator molecules that help to control sugar level and type 2 diabetes. It is beneficial for diabetic patients and helps to maintain the sugar level

Improves your memory – Black coffee contains natural antioxidants and caffeine which affects the brain by blocking adenosine. It helps to keep your nerves activeenhance brain function, keeps your brain fit and healthy. It helps to cure brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s diseases

Good for liver – Caffeine, and antioxidants in the coffee help to prevent liver cancer, fatty liver disease, hepatitis as well as alcoholic cirrhosis. One cup of black coffee helps you to fight against liver diseases

Cleanses your stomach – When you drink a cup of black coffee it helps toxins and bacteria to get flushed out. Its natural antioxidants help to clean your stomach

Prevents the risk of developing cancer – Black coffee includes antioxidants that reduce inflammation and prevents tumor development. Thus lowers the risk of liver cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and rectal cancer. 

Black coffee is beneficial if taken in the right amount. It contains caffeine that can harm your body if not taken properly. It may cause some side effects on your body.

Side effects of Black Coffee

Difficult to absorb minerals – Too much intake of black coffee makes it difficult for you to absorb minerals present in your body like iron, zinc, and calcium. 

Disturb your sleeping routine –taking too much coffee can create the problem of insomnia and mess up your sleeping routine. 

Create anxiety and stress – Intake of too much black coffee releases a high level of stress hormone which can lead to anxiety and stress.

Create acidity and stomach pain – Black coffee that is rich in caffeine stimulates bowel movements by increasing peristalsis and leads to acidity, cramps, and abdominal spasms. 

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