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The State of Tripura is the third smallest state in the country of India. This beautiful place beholds a rich cultural and heritage value of the country. Packed with thrilling, exciting, and amazing things to do in the State of Tripura, the land serves to be an ideal and promising destination for a short holiday tour or trip. The major attraction of this place is none other than the capital city of the State of Tripura, that is, Agartala. This charming place attracts a huge crowd of tourists all round the year. A number of tourist spots are located in Agartala itself. Tripura holds a rich cultural heritage and ancient ruins left behind by the kingdom of Tripura that ruled or empowered even during the British period. If you are desiring or planning for a holiday to the State of Tripura with your family or friends, then you are undoubtedly at the right place as you will surely learn about the best things to do in the state.


When you are planning for a holiday tour or trip, you need to have a clear cut idea about the best things you can do or will do and the beautiful places you will visit as you reach your destination. In this context, the State of Tripura has a lot to offer to its tourists or visitors. Not a single moment can be spent dull in the State of Tripura. We have listed down some of the best and must do things in the State of Tripura for you to remember and make a checklist for.


Neermahal : Image via Internet

Neermahal is also known as the Water Palace. Neermahal is among the top tourist attractions or spots in the State of Tripura. It is situated 53 km away from the city of Agartala on the banks of Rudrasagar Lake. Earlier in the 1930s, the water palace served as a significant royal residence for the king of Tripura. Even after so many decades, the palace stands perfect and fascinates all the tourists or visitors. The palace reflects the aesthetic blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture which never fails to impress the visitors. The royal family used to reside in the western part of the palace while the eastern part was turned into an open theatre. This theatre was used for all entertainment purposes such as drama, theatre, dance, and so on. To reach this water palace you need to take a boat ride via the Rudrasagar Lake. If you are looking forward to visiting this place and spending some good family time, then this destination could be the perfect place that amazes you and your family.

  • Location : Rudijala, Tripura
  • Timing : 8 am to 4 pm (Fridays Closed)
  • Entry Fee : INR 3 per person


Bangui rice : Image via Internet

When you are in the State of Tripura, you have to try out the Tripurans cuisine referred to as ‘Moi Borok’ by the Tripura. This dish is made using ‘Berma’ which is considered to be the major ingredient of the recipe. ‘Berma’ is a sour fermented dried fish which is among the main cuisines of the State of Tripura which is adored by the Tripura people. Other than ‘Moi Borok’, you also have several other options which include Bamboo shoot pickle, Bangui rice, and Fish stew. Tripura cuisine mainly incorporates all the non-vegetarian food items. So if you prefer meat over vegetarian dishes then you are going to enjoy and also going to have a good and pleasing time in the State of Tripura. There are several other restaurants in the State of Tripura where they serve their traditional Tripura cuisines. Mairang Restaurant and Cilantro Multi-Cuisine Restaurant are some of the famous restaurants to consider.

  • Location : Tripura, India
  • Timing : NA / Not Applicable
  • Entry Fee : NA / Not Applicable

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Jagannath temple : Image via Internet

Two of the famous pilgrimages in the State of  Tripura are the Kali temple and Jagannath temple. Both the temples are located in and around the capital city of Tripura, that is, Agartala. You will see the Jagannath temple in the Ujjayanta Palace. This temple was built in the 19th century and was built by the Manikya dynasty. Devotees and pilgrims from across the country of India come here to pay their visit, worship, and seek blessings from Lord Jagannath. The Kamalasagar Kali temple is home to the Goddess Kali and is situated on the banks of Kamalasagar Lake. Both the religious sites are quite famous among tourists or visitors and the Tripurans. No matter what time you decide to visit these temples, you will always encounter a good amount of crowd in the vicinity. If you are in the State of Tripura, you should visit both the temples for sure.

  • Location : Agartala, Tripura
  • Timing : 24 × 7
  • Entry Fee : NA / Not Applicable


Heritage park : Image via Internet

Heritage Park is a pleasant destination to visit in the State of Tripura. This is one of the major attractions of the State of Tripura. The major highlight of the Heritage park is the miniature replicas of the major sites in the State of Tripura which includes Neermahal, Unakoti, and so on. Apart from that, you can experience and enjoy the splendid beauty surrounding the place. This vicinity is sure to evoke the utmost peace in you.  The entire park is lined and packed with lychee plants and eucalyptus. Wooden and Stone’s artifacts are placed all around the park for all the tourists to explore. The Heritage park also houses an amphitheater in which you can enjoy various cultural programs or events. The lush green surrounding of the Heritage park is what is preferred by all the tourists or visitors.

  • Location : Agartala, Tripura
  • Timing : 6 am to 8 pm
  • Entry Fee : Rs 10 per head


Jampui Hills : Image via Internet

If you love the tasty and juicy oranges then you should definitely visit Jampui Hills in the State of Tripura. If you wish to witness the grand orange festival celebration then you must visit the State of Tripura in the months of September and December. The orange festival takes place annually. While both the locals and visitors attend this festival. This particular celebration began to mark the economic rise which happened because of the huge production of oranges in Tripura, to be specific in the Jampui Hills. Jampui Hills is an offbeat intriguing destination yet the festival is worth it. You should try the tasty, delicious, juicy oranges during this festival. Apart from that, you can also enjoy adventure activities like trekking and boating in this area. Sabual village gives a warm welcome to all the tourists or visitors who wish to attend the grand orange festival in the State of Tripura.

  • Location : Jampui Hill, Tripura
  • Timing : September and December
  • Entry Fee : NA / Not Applicable


Durga Puja : Image via Internet

Even though Durga Puja is the main festival of the State of West Bengal, Tripura too gives this festival significance. Tripura celebrates Durga Puja with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. The celebration is worth attending. The decorated pandals created by local artists are attractive to see. To witness this grand celebration you need to visit the State of Tripura in the months of October and November.

  • Location : Tripura, India
  • Timing : October to November
  • Entry Fee : NA / Not Applicable


Unakoti : Image via Internet

Unakoti is a popular heritage site located in the State of Tripura which has an unexplainable charm of its own. This gorgeous site is guarded by the Archaeological Survey of India. Unakoti is a unique destination because of all the fascinating rock-cut carvings. If you literally translate the word ‘Unakoti’, it means ‘less than a crore’. The rock carvings are considered to be made between the 7th to 9th centuries. They look amazing with a green background. No wonder why this is among the frequently visited places in the State of Tripura. This destination is a great starting point to explore and learn about the history and culture of the state.

  • Location : Unakoti, Tripura
  • Timing : 8 am to 6 pm
  • Entry Fee : No entry fee required


Ujjayanta palace : Image via Internet

The Ujjayanta Palace is yet another interesting destination to explore in the State of Tripura. This glorious Ujjayanta palace was built in the year – 1901 but it still stands perfectly tall and strong even today. The Ujjayanta Palace was originally the residence of the royal family which at present turned into a museum. The Ujjayanta Palace was built by Radha Kishore who was the king of the Manikya Dynasty. You have a lot of things to explore in the palace. You will encounter 22 galleries with an undeniably beautiful collection of art which includes sculptures, terracotta, and figurines as well. Everything here reflects the glory of the culture and tradition of the Northeastern part of India.

  • Location : Tripura, India
  • Timing : 10:00 am to 05:00 pm (Mondays Closed)
  • Entry Fee : No entry fees required


Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary : Image via Internet

Apart from the cultural and heritage sites in Tripura, you will also find the exotic wildlife sanctuaries to explore in the State of Tripura. One of the popular wildlife sanctuaries in the State of Tripura is the Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary. It is home to more than 150 different species of birds, plants, and animals. This is a beautiful place for all the tourists who are animal lovers as you can witness the migratory birds face the sky, wild animals wandering around in their natural habitat, and the fascinating orchids blooming. In the Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, you can also enjoy elephant rides with your friends and family. Apart from that, it also has coffee and rubber plantations, botanical gardens, and so on. One of the major highlights of this place is encountering the spectacled monkey.

  • Location : Uttar Charilam, Tripura
  • Timing : 8 am to 4 pm
  • Entry fee : NA / Not Applicable


Rose Valley Amusement Park : Image via Internet

If you are planning your trip with your children or child then you must visit Rose Valley, Amusement Park. The park is located in the city of Agartala and is quite famous among visitors or tourists. In the amusement park, you will encounter a myriad of entertainment. If you are planning for a fun-filled day in Tripura then this could be your ideal place for you.

  • Location : Amtali, Madhuban, Tripura
  • Timing : 11 am to 6:30 pm
  • Entry fee : Unknown

How To Reach the State of Tripura

Tripura nestles in the Northeastern part of the country, India, and is well – connected by regular flights and also via road. Here are some of the best ways to reach the State of Tripura :

By Air: The main airport connected to all other major locations in the Agartala airport which are located just 5 minutes away from Agartala, Tripura. It is connected by the major cities of Kolkata and Guwahati by regular and direct flights.

By Train: The closest railway station is Kumarghat which is located at a distance of 140 km from the State of Tripura. This railway station is connected with the major cities of Kolkata, Indore, Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore.

By Road: This is situated at a distance of 44 km from Teliamura and 109 km from Manu, while 133 km from Kumarghat, 300 km from Aizawl, and 459 km from Shillong. The state buses and private buses run from these destinations and connect to the State of Tripura.

So here we have listed down the best things to engage in the State of Tripura that is popular among the tourists. You will definitely have a great time in this state while visiting such top attractions and indulging in the best of activities. With this amazing list of places for you to visit, your holiday planner to Tripura is sure to create beautiful memories. So without wasting any time, without considering a second thought, plan your North East vacation next time and avail your chance to explore this unspoiled mystic beauty.

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