things to do in Nagaland

Best things to do in Nagaland

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Nagaland is the most beautiful state in Northeastern India. It is a land of mountains, valleys, green vegetation, flora and fauna, different tribes and their cultures, festivals, and traditions.

Nagaland is also one of the famous and popular states in Northeast India for tourism. It attracts a lot of tourists towards its astonishing beauty and different style of customs, traditions, and festivals.

If you are planning to visit Nagaland, you may wonder about the activities and things that you can do in Nagaland. Here is the list of things that a tourist can experience in Nagaland and have a whole package of adventure, beauty, and peace.

Best things to do in Nagaland:

Pay respect at Kohima War Cemetery

(A peaceful and historic memorial)

Kohima war cemetery is located at Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, it is a memorial which is dedicated to 2nd British division soldiers of the allied forces who died in the second World war at Kohima in April 1944. At the Cemetery, there are 1,420 commonwealth burials of the soldiers who fought during the Second World war. If you are a history lover, you can visit here to experience the peaceful serenity this place holds.

Best things to do in Nagaland
Kohima War Cemetry

Japfu peak

(A place for all nature lovers)

In Nagaland, the Japfu peak is the most popular tourist attraction. It is a place for all nature lovers. The japfu peak is known as the second-highest peak in Nagaland and famous for its tracking trails that are really adventurous and beautiful. There are many children parks, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and hotels where you can stay and enjoy the true nature of japfu peak.

Best things to do in Nagaland
          Japfu peak

Kohima Cathedral

(Largest cathedral in the Asia)

Kohima Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Asia and is the main church of the bishop of the diocese of Kohima. The architecture of the Kohima cathedral blends itself into a hill on which it is situated. This cathedral stands out in Kohima, because of its turbulent and extremely violent past. You can visit here to see the most amazing architecture work that is really outstanding.

Best things to do in Nagaland
Kohima cathedral

Hornbill festival

(Experience the grand celebration)

Hornbill festival is a very popular festival in Nagaland. It is also often cited as “festival of all festivals”. The festival includes a powerful representation of Naga culture and their practices through splendid traditional music, dance, and eye-catching performances. In this festival, all the diverse tribes of Nagaland offer their contribution. From all over the world, the people take part in this extravagant festival of Nagaland.

Best things to do in Nagaland
                     Hornbill festival

Ngada Festival

(The post-harvesting celebration)

The festival is celebrated by the Rengma tribe which is originated in Assam and Nagaland. It is also among the most popular post-harvest festival of Nagaland in which people celebrate a successful harvest and gives respect at the graves of their loved ones. The Ngada festival is also a great festival to attend if you want to explore more about Nagaland.

Best things to do in Nagaland
  Ngada festival

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Kachri Ruins

(Scattered Kachri Kingdom’s structure)

Kachari ruins are located at Dimapur, in the state of Nagaland. It’s a must-visit place of Nagaland. The Dimapur is the ancient capital of the Kachri Tribe who ruled before the 13th century AD. The glory of this Kingdom is found in these scattered Kachri Ruins. The Kachri Ruins situated in Nagaland are a group of ancient monoliths and contain remnants of the kachari Kingdom’s structure, that are scattered in and around the town.

Best things to do in Nagaland
      Kachari ruins

Nagaland State Museum

(Naga culture evolution museum)

If you’re in Nagaland and not able to know about the all tribes of it, then don’t be disheartened. Visit the Nagaland state museum which is the most major attraction in Kohima, Nagaland to see all the sixteen tribes’ artifacts, culture, tradition, clan motifs, attires and many more.

Best things to do in Nagaland
     Nagaland state Museum

Nagaland Zoological Park, Rangapahar

(It’s time for animals and nature)

Nagaland Zoological Park is located 6 kilometers away from the township of Dimapur with a total area of 176 hectares. The mission of this Park is to inculcate and develop a sense of caring towards flora and fauna, to promote awareness and recreation for the people of the state. If you love animals and nature you must visit here.

Best things to do in Nagaland
              Nagaland Zoological Park

Nagaland Science centre

(Have fun with science)

The Nagaland Science center is located in Dimapur, Nagaland. It is a place where anyone can learn about the basics of science. A tara Mandal is also there to peek into the night sky.  If you are a science and technology enthusiast, then you must visit here and learn different aspects of science.

Best things to do in Nagaland
                         Nagaland Science Centre


(The ancient village)

The Ungma is the most ancient village of the Ao tribes that is situated 10 km south of mokokchung, Nagaland, India. It is the most popular village in Nagaland which attracts lots of tourists towards their folklore, customs, and traditions.

Best things to do in Nagaland

Visit Botanical Garden

(Adorable vegetation)

The botanical garden is located in Kohima, Nagaland. The botanical garden is very popular in this state and attracts lots of tourists. The botanical garden has various species of plants and vegetation and a must-visit place for a nature lover.  

Best things to do in Nagaland
                 Kohima botanical garden

See Mokokchung village

Mokokchung village is an ancient village in mokokchung district in the former Naga hills, Nagaland India. According to the folklore of Mokokchung village, the Ao Nagas tribe has emerged from ‘six stones’. six stones mean ‘Longterok’ and these stones symbolize their forefathers. If you want to explore more about mokokchung village, then you must visit here.

Best things to do in Nagaland
                          Mokokchung village

A.Z. Phizo Memorial

(Resting place of Angami Zapu Phizo)

The memorial is commonly known as the A.Z. Zapu memorial is the final resting place of Angami Zapu Phizo who was the chairman of the Naga National Council in the late 1940s. This place is pretty much historic and attracts lots of tourists during the year.

Best things to do in Nagaland
                            A.Z. Phizo memorial

Nagaland Bamboo Resource Centre

(Bamboo Artworks)

Nagaland bamboo resource center is located at Dimapur, Nagaland, India. The centre develops the plantation and regeneration of the bamboo as well as improvement of the bamboo-based products. It gains lots of tourist interest in it.

Best things to do in Nagaland
                  Nagaland bamboo resource centre


(First Green village)

Khonoma village is located at Kohima, Nagaland, India, which is also referred to as khwuno-ra. The total population of the Khonoma village is about 1943 settled in 424 households. It is the first green village in India. The village is also very popular in the state Nagaland, which is worth to visit.

Best things to do in Nagaland
Khonoma Green village

Ntangki National Park

(A Wild Safari)

Ntangki National Park is a forest reserve of Nagaland. In 1993, it was declared as a National park. Those who love the wildlife and nature must take an adventurous wildlife Safari in this National Park because it is quite enthusiastic and fun to explore.

Best things to do in Nagaland
Ntangki National Park

Mount Saramati

(A Trekking Trail )

Mount Saramati is known as the highest mountain peak of the Purvanchal Himalayas. It is situated above an altitude of 12,552 ft above the sea level.  Trekking activities at Mount Saramati are best and adventurous and you can choose to take it forward.

Best things to do in Nagaland
  Mount Saramati

Kohima Mountains

(Camp under the sky, full of stars)

Want to do camping under the night sky, the Kohima mountains are the best place for it. You can camp here under the sky full of stars with the scenic beauty of mountains surrounding the place.

Best things to do in Nagaland
                 Kohima mountains

Dream cafe

( A Famous cafe In Nagaland)

Dream cafe is located at Kohima in Nagaland. This is a coffee shop located near commonwealth war memorial grave TCP gate Kohima which is famous for its delicious food and excellent service. It is a place like Dreamland, where you can experience and enjoy good times with your friends and family.

Best things to do in Nagaland
   Dream café

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Pulie Badze

(Trekking Hotspot)

The one who loves nature and sightseeing, one should try to visit Pulie Badze as it is a much-hyped hotspot for trekking in Kohima.

Best things to do in Nagaland
Pulie Badze

Try Bamboo shoot

(Pork with bamboo shoot)

When we talk about the restaurants in Nagaland, they are all awesome but when we talk about the dishes what should we try first, then Bamboo shoot is the name. Bamboo shoot is an important ingredient which is almost used by all the northeastern part of India. some of the popular dishes prepared by bamboo shoot are Pork with bamboo shoot and fish with bamboo shoot.

Explore  Famous food of Nagaland

Fermented Dry fish

(Chutney special)

In the North East , fermented dry fish is mainly used for making chutney or it is used to cook with vegetables and potatoes. Whenever you visit Nagaland you should taste this chutney because it is super delicious and most satisfying if you like fish.

Drink Zutho

(Rice beer)

Zutho is a famous rice beer that is made and liked to drink all over the North East especially in Nagaland and every occasion the people of Nagaland are used to drink it, as a main source of enjoyment.

Best things to do in Nagaland

Dzudou Lake

(Special gift from the Gods)

The lake at  top of the Mount Zanibu is considered as one of the ‘special gifts” from the gods as sparkling water when  perches into the thick mystical forest give a satisfactory and peaceful experience

Best things to do in Nagaland
   Dzukou Lake

Doyang River

(Paradise of nature)

Doyang River is a Paradise of nature having enchanting flora and fauna. This place is best if you want to spend some alone time with your family and friends. It is a beautiful picnic destination to reboot yourself completely in the lap of nature.

Best things to do in Nagaland
    Doyang River

Itanki Wildlife Sanctuary

(A place for wildlife lovers)

Itanki Wildlife sanctuary is spread over a vast 200 square kilometer area situated in Nagaland. It is a wildlife reserve which is the house of some endangered animals such as sloth, wild dogs, flying squirrels, many more.

Best things to do in Nagaland
     Itanki Wildlife Sanctuary

These are some top things, places, and restaurants that you can add on your trip list for better exploring the whole of Nagaland.

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