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Best Places to Visit in Latvia

2 years ago

The nation of Latvia is surrounded by Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Estonia, and the Baltic sea. Latvia is a mixture of urban sights, like the capital Riga and beautiful landmarks all around the country. From national parks to breath-taking waterfalls, Latvia has many beautiful places to visit such as Beaches, Forests, and local villages which can certainly grab your attention. These things you can experience by visiting Latvia.                       

Here are some best places to visit in Latvia


Liepaja city is located on the eastern coast of the Baltic sea. It was the capital of Latvia during the first world war, before that, Latvia was a small fisherman town and now it grows into the third-largest city in Latvia with a population of around 70000 people. Sporting and rich cultural activities are very famous in Liepaja which show high creativity and entertainment of the city.

Best Places to Visit in Latvia
Places to visit in Latvia : Liepaja

Liepaja is a must-visit place in Latvia because of its architectural varieties that a tourist can see. It is divided into two parts, one is a traditional center and the other is the northern part which was once an area of Russian military commonly known as Karosta. This is the reason Liepaja architecture changes depending on where you are in the town.

Vicliepaja and Dienvidrietumi are the most beautiful beaches in the city, but one of the beaches in Karsota is very famous for its major annual beach music festival which is celebrated by Latvians in the month of July.

Best Places to Visit in Latvia
Places to visit in Latvia : Liepaja Beach

Liepaja attracts business tourists from all over the world as it is one of the most popular and successful business cities in Latvia.

Gauja National Park

The Gauja National Park is the largest and oldest national park in Latvia, where you can get back to nature with a variety of landforms, natural springs, sandstone outcrops, scenic views, and unique historical monuments.

In 1973, Gauja National Park was formed. It spreads in around 90,000 hectares of area, which conserves the most stunning portion of the Gauja valley between Valmiera and Murjani. One day will not enough to enjoy in the national park, as there are so many attractions and adventure things you can do in Gauja National Park.

Best Places to Visit in Latvia
Places to visit in Latvia: Gauja National Park

The key attraction of the park is to see different types of rocks, outcrops, caves, cliffs, and sandstones. The formation of these sandstones estimated around 350 to 370 million years ago. More than 500 monuments, including mounds of the castle, churches, mansions, and the windmills as well as many other archaeological, architectural, and artistic monuments are located within the Gauja National Park

The Gauja National park is the best place to visit in Latvia as it offers an opportunity not only to see artifacts made artificially but to see nature itself. Night walk, Log Boat ride, log houses, wood crafting, Sigulda cable car ride, hiking, boating, cycling, and skiing are some of the adventurous and leisure activities that a traveler can enjoy in Gauja National Park.


Kuldiga is known as the Venice of Latvia as various types of river flows between houses and the streets in this beautiful small town. However, in Kuldiga most tourists come to see Latvia’s biggest waterfall. A breath-taking 240 m (785 meters) high waterfall known as Venta is a must visit the place during the Latvia tour. You can walk over this waterfall during the spring season and can see local people catching the fish. The brick bridge that was destroyed during the Second World War but having some parts intact also crosses the waterfall.

Best Places to Visit in Latvia
Places to visit in Latvia: Kuldiga Waterfall

Rundale Palace& Museum

The Rundale Palace of Latvia is one of two palaces of its kind in the Baroque. Jelgava is the second palace. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Latvia is the Rundale Palace. You will be able to see the palace’s interior and its magnificent rear gardens while visiting the place.

Every single room of Rundale palace exhibits amazing old fashioned European board games and card games. There are many staterooms and apartments having countless collections of antiques, books, portraits, and antique ceramic stoves in the palace. There are three major rooms named White Hall, Gilt Hall, and the Rose Room.

Best Places to Visit in Latvia
Places to visit in Latvia : Rundale Palace

The White Hall is a spacious, decorative, and furnished hall. The ceilings and walls of this Hall are beautifully painted & crafted well with stucco decorations, including lower reliefs showing the four-year cycles. The Porcelain Room displays 45 Vases from the 17 to 19 centuries from China and Japan. The Gilt Hall is bordered by golden ornamentation and the Rose Room is also based on stucco decorations.

There is Café, an outdoor amphitheater, and a rose garden having 2000 rose varieties in the palace. This place is the right place for nature lovers and people who love gardening and plantation.

The Freedom Monument

The Freedom Monument was built in the memory of the soldiers killed during the Latvian Independence war in Lithuania, Riga, Latvia. It is an emblem of Latvia’s liberty, strength, and freedom. The Freedom Monument opens in the year 1935, is around 42 meters tall, made up of various materials such as granite, copper, and travertine. The place is the center point for all public meetings and official gatherings clearly depict the history and culture of Latvia.

The main part of the monument is made up of tetragonal shaped blocks which are placed on top of each other in decreasing to increasing order (top to bottom). The figure of Liberty lifting three gilded stars made of copper metal is 19 meters high having a base made up of a travertine column.

Best Places to Visit in Latvia
Places to visit in Latvia: Freedom Monument

The platform forms a rectangle at the front of the monument that is being used for ceremonial purposes. The foundation of the Monument is made of red granite, consisting of two rectangular blocks of the lower section, having a height of 3.5 meters (11 ft), a width of 9.2 meters (30 ft), and a length of 11 meters (36 ft), and a little high, 3.5 meters (11 ft) and a width of 8.5 meters and length of 10 meters (33 ft). Its sides also have travertine paneling. This place is the best place to visit in Latvia if you are interested in knowing the facts about the history of independence of Latvia.


Jurmala is an ideal day trip for travelers who spend time in the capital of Riga. Jurmala is a coastal resort town situated right on the Gulf of Riga is the largest Baltic resort and one of the largest in northern Europe. Jurmala is renowned for the charming wood architecture in addition to the beach. Once upon a time, the resort was a place for Russians to heal themselves, that’s why there are riding therapy centers and typical Russian spas still spot the coast.

Best Places to Visit in Latvia
Places to visit in Latvia: Jurmala

Jurmala Beach

Jurmala beach has one of the best beaches on the Baltic Bay with white sand dunes, pine trees forest behind the beach. Jurmala beach has good transport connections with Riga. The major attraction of the beach is the beach bars. Just a couple of meters away on the main street – Jumas, you will find plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars.

Best Places to Visit in Latvia
Places to visit in Latvia: Jurmala Beach

Cesis Castle

Cesis is one of the ancient towns and a must-visit place in Latvia. It is located in the central Vidzeme mountain area. Cesis has two castles, the original and the oldest castle was built in the 13th century and the second castle was built in the 18th century. The new castle is surrounded by beautiful grounds and houses the historical and art museums.

Best Places to Visit in Latvia
Places to visit in Latvia : Cesis Castle

Do a sightseeing walk in the castle by enjoying the aura of the ancient medieval period and take a view of the castle from the courtyard to feel the historic atmosphere. You can also Climb the western tower of the castle with the help of lanterns and come down to the old prison. And when you feel hungry during your tour you have excellent choices for lunch offering traditional Latvian cuisine.


Ventspils is one of Europe’s most busy ports on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The harbor plays an important part in the city’s history, and it can be a wonderful experience to see ships come in and out. Take a tour through the Museum of Outdoor Seaside where you can see traditional fishing cabins, cure-houses, and hundreds of objects from the history of the region. One of the key characteristics of the city is the clean white-sand beach in the western part of the city, which is very popular during the summer among worshippers, volleyballers, and kite surfers.

Best Places to Visit in Latvia
Places to visit in Latvia : Ventspils

Latvia has been recommended by many experts as a “must visit” destination for its brilliant ancient castles, dense forests, and stunning coastlines.


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