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Best Events to Explore in Bangalore

3 years ago

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka is famous in India as Silicon city. Bangalore is one of the best cities that you must visit once in your life. The best time to explore the city is during festival time, but still, this city has the potentials to entertain you even when there is no festival.

So here are some best events that you must explore in Banglore at least once in your life

Let’s start the exploration –

1. Night life at MG Road

If you are bored with your daily routine in Bangalore and want to hang out with your friends at night, MG Road is the most preferred place in Bangalore. It is the “Pub Capital of India” having the best places for clubbing like Hard Rock Café, Xtreme sports bar, High-Ultra Lounge, and so on. Earlier the bars, restaurants, and other enjoyable services in MG road had a deadline of 12.00 AM but now it is extended to 2.00 AM. You can have a party with your friends here even on special occasions like Christmas, Diwali, etc. This place gives a really good party vibe. You can enjoy it there as per your wallet size. One of the biggest and famous malls in India, UB city Mall is also near MG road which is also open 24/7 as it has many pubs, clubs, and bars. One must not miss the nightlife of Bangalore at this amazing place.

events in Banglore

2. Church on Christmas Eve

Christmas day is celebrated all over the world as the birthday of Jesus. In Bangalore, it is celebrated on a large scale. Not only Christians but people of every religion enjoy the Christmas Day Eve. Banglore city holds various parties, brunches, and special Christmas prayers at St. Patrick’s Church and Infant Jesus Church. Overall, the whole city has enormous numbers of places to visit, enjoy, and have a blast on this special day.

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3. Pool party

Pool Party events are definitely of so much joy and pleasure. People are attracted to this event because it has everything like food, music, and pool obviously that gives amazing experience with ultimate fun. There are some world-class water parks in Bangalore like Wonderla and Fun World which organizes pool parties. You can choose your place by keeping your wallet in mind. The pool party is not only about enjoying the pool but also offers some extra elements like a spa and DJ which can give you a wonderful experience.

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4. Art Exhibitions

Art Gallery is for the people who love and know about art thoroughly. If you are one of them, Bangalore is one of the biggest places in India which holds a lot of Art Gallery exhibitions and events. It raises appreciation and awareness of art in all respective forms like painting, photography, sculpture, music, dance, and other performing art forms. It showcases established global artists but also provides a platform for emerging talented artists from all over the world. Some of the famous Art Galleries are Art Bengaluru, Venkatappa Art Gallery, National Gallery of Modern Art, and so on.

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5. Holi Celebration

Holi is one of the biggest festivals of Hindus celebrated in India. It’s a festival of colors and happiness. The fun and joy of this festival even force other religious people to play Holi. Holi not only brings happiness but even positivity and enthusiasm all across India.


Bangalore city is one of the best cities in the south that can make your Holi celebrations to the next level.  Many famous organizers organize the Holi party at different venues in Bangalore. Every organizer adds some great elements to attract the crowd, and according to their investment in the party, they charge the visitors.

6. Diwali Celebration

Diwali is the most famous festival in all over India and celebrated with grandeur. In Bangalore, during Diwali, every mall of the city is decorated as a bride and offer discounts on everything. Many organizers organize Diwali parties at different locations. These occasional vibes in the malls attract a lot of people. You can even explore Bangalore at Diwali night as everything is open on this night. You can go for a night out with your friends and dear ones in places like MG Road and Koramangala. During this event, you can feel the South Indian touch, their rituals, and culture all over the city.

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7. Live Shows

The nightlife of Bangalore is full of Live Shows. There are many clubs, pubs, bars, and gathering halls where live shows are organized. DJ nights, standup comedy, singing, and dancing shows are some of the live shows that occur in Banglore at a great level. For your entertainment, you can visit them.

events in Banglore
Live shows in Banglore

Hope the article was Joyful and at least after reading this article you must be planning to visit the city once in your life!!   

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