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2 years ago

A cup of coffee and an evening spent with friends or family is one of the best ways to spend your leisure time. It feels even better when you spend your weekend in a beautiful café having vibrancy and enigma. A refreshing evening will take out the stress and make you feel fresh for the upcoming week and will also help you to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Odisha is generally known for its historic culture and values as it was an ancient state. The current trend of globalization and modernization has seen the state modernize in the way of the other metropolitans of the country and catch up with them. This is most predominant in the capital city of Bhubaneshwar and thus we are mainly looking at the best cafes the state has to offer which are located in Bhubaneshwar.

Here is a sneak peek in some of the best cafes that are available in Bhubaneshwar (ODISHA)

1. Bocca Café

Bocca Cafe in Bhubaneshwar is a famous hangout spot for children where they can spend hours catching up with their friends. What makes them stay here for this long is that the lively atmosphere and finger-licking food. The furniture and the interior will give you a sense of positive vibe as soon as you step inside the café. The sandwich is a special item of this place and you must try on if you love to have a bite while chatting. For the entertainment of the customers, musical nights or stand-up acts are organized generally during the weekends.

Cafes in Bhubaneshwar : Bocca Cafe

2. The Big Bike Hub Café

This charming cafe is found in Patia, Bhubaneshwar where you may be swayed away with classy, chic interiors. It’s an ideal place to take a seat in an exceeding corner and complete reading your book. You can even bring your laptop and work here in its ambient environment. The food is equally amazing. The cafe incorporates a large menu featuring salads, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, and any one day breakfast among other things. As the name suggests, you’ll find a bullet bike provoking you to induce out and travel.

Cafes in Bhubaneshwar : The Big Bike Hub cafe

3. Brewberry café

Brewberry’s café is one of the best places to enjoy in Bhubaneshwar for shakes and snacks. One of the basic reasons why this place is so popular among locals is that its menu is simple and the dishes are delicious. You can choose between a spread of pizza and sandwiches and gulp them down with an exciting range of shakes and smoothies. The service is quick and efficient. So, if the hunger strikes within the evening, you know the place you have to be. They also offer games like Jenga and Uno which you can enjoy while waiting for your order.


4. STARK Bistro

Aware of the famous dialogue “I love you 3000.”? Well, If you’re an Iron Man fanatic, then there’s an area for you in Bhubaneshwar where you’ll be able to kill your hunger pangs and also take your fanaticism to the subsequent level. The cafe is devoted to Tony Stark from the Marvel’s Avenger’s, a genius, a billionaire, a playboy, and a philanthropist who seems to own it all. The café will give you an experience of Avengers in real life and will also relinquish your hunger with its delicious food.

Cafes in Bhubaneshwar : Stark Bistro

5. The chocolate House

The cafe with stylish wooden decor has become one in all the favorite cafes in Bhubaneshwar. The food is delicious and also the service at par at the chocolate house. If you’re not in a mood to travel out, you can even order your favorite things from this place. It’s a famous hangout place among locals. For chocolate lovers, the chocolate fudge or sundae of this place is a must-try.

Cafes in Bhubaneshwar : The Chocolate House

6. The Dugout

If you are sports fans, The dugout is a treat for you. The dugout offers two separate floors notably the casual floor where people enjoy their food and coffee and have a good quality time while enjoying their meal. The other is the raw madness where you can scream and jump with full excitement while cheering your favorite team and enjoy the meal. It has one of the best hookah parlors in the city of Bhubaneshwar.

Cafes in Bhubaneshwar : The Dugout

7. Walking Bookfairs

A bibliophile’s paradise, this place has the calmness and the vibrant atmosphere a book reader craves for. A book store converted into a café where you can enjoy tea or coffee with a bite of a snack or sandwich and enjoy a masterpiece from your favorite author. The café has books ranging from children to old readers and anyone can enjoy having a sip.

Cafes in Bhubaneshwar : Walking Bookfairs

8. Chai Break

One of the café chains of India, chai break gives a vibrant atmosphere that every youth enjoys. The food and ambiance are both so great that you’ll find no reason to complain. The cafe menu offers a plethora of options. From North Indian to Italian, Continental to Mexican, you’ll be pampered with choices. The service is quite professional at chai break and it is a perfect weekend hangout place with your friends.

Cafes in Bhubaneshwar : Chai Break

9. Brewbakes

The coffee served here is one of the best around the Bhubaneshwar and the place gives you a vibrant exposure from the stiffness of your rigid routine. Besides coffee, the sandwiches here are quite good and coffee with a sandwich will make your tiredness go away in a while. It has two outlets in the city of Bhubaneshwar.

Cafes in Bhubaneshwar : Brewbakes

10. Café Frespresso

The furniture and interior at Café Frespresso are lovely here and the lighting gives an exotic vibe to the place. The coffee served is pretty nice but you can also try out the mocktails, mojitos, and the flavored frappes that are a specialty of the place. You can also have sandwiches and pizza which will make your meal even more delicious. A chocolate sundae as dessert tips makes an excellent evening to hang out with your friends.

Cafes in Bhubaneshwar : Cafe frespresso

The above lists give some of the best cafes in Bhubaneshwar that you can try out if you are in Bhubaneshwar and want a place to hang out and chill. Each cafe has a unique vibrance and is special in its way. So if you are reading this then grab your keys and make up your way to some of the best cafes in the town.

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