moving on is success holding on is failure

Author Kuldeep sheoran talks about motivation, travel adventure and love bites in his book Moving on is success, holding on is failure

1 year ago

The lines “Spend all your Happiness Coupons, before they get expired” is enough to motivate any common man to move towards their goal.

Kuldeep Sheoran, the author has scripted twenty beautiful life lessons in his book, Moving on is Success, Holding on is Failure from the stories that he heard from experienced persons. the book is a combination of motivation, adventure, and romance.

Moving on is Success, Holding on is failure is the first book by author Kuldeep sheoran that he has released although he has been writing for more than ten years. he is an Energetic, Emotional,  and Innovative writer who loves to write about movie reviews, love, romance, and motivation.

In his book, he has given a complete package that a reader will relish:

# Twenty Motivational Chapters that will enlighten the reader’s inner voice boosting their conscience to move on, get along with their pre-determined motives and wipe out the depression/stress moments from their life.

# Adventurous trip to IMA Dehradun: It will inspire a person to apply the learned principles (above motivational chapters) of life in need of an hour.

# Tannu Swings Mannu: A lovable but gripping story with twisted ends making it a thrilling experience to read and feel the inner voice of love birds. Timed and perfect Shayaries is an added top-up.

Author Kuldeep sheoran is going to launch his book, “Moving on is Success, holding on is Failure” on July 12 at GJU Conference Hall, Hisar.

The book has been published by Notion Press and is available on for readers.

To buy the book, Click Here

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